Electric Massager

An electric massager is a healthcare appliance that uses a built-in battery or power supply to drive the massage head to vibrate and massage the human body. Massage is good for relaxing muscles and promoting blood circulation, eliminating fatigue, and preventing and curing diseases.

The electromagnetic massager is mainly composed of an iron core (including fixed iron core and movable iron core), coil, vibration spring sheet, and massage head. When the coil on the fixed iron core is connected with alternating current, an alternating magnetic field is generated.

The electric massager is a kind of health-care electrical product. It performs local mechanical stimulation on the surface of the human body, accelerates the blood circulation of the local skin and muscles, and adjusts and improves certain physiological functions of the human body. It is mainly used to eliminate fatigue, fitness, and after exercise.

There are many types of electric massagers, which can be divided into vibration type electric massager, another kneading type, rolling type, thumping type, and swing type from the massage method; the magnetic therapy method, can be divided into magnetic pressure reduction belt, rotary magnetic therapy machine, electromagnetic Massager, alternating magnetic therapy machine, pulsating magnetic therapy machine, pulse magnetic therapy machine; from the massage site, there is hand-held massager, ems massager, face massager, shoulder massager, foot Massage machines, waist massage machines, massage cushion, abdominal massagers, lumbar massagers, massage guns, leg massagers, etc.

Insist on using an electric massager can not only health care and beauty, but also prevent and cure diseases, lose weight, improve the function of the nervous system, eliminate fatigue after work, study, and exercise, promote blood circulation in the skin and joints, and quickly relax muscles, To reduce the burden on the heart.

For patients suffering from back pain, wind, and cold, bone hyperplasia, joint pain, local muscle numbness, etc., the use of an electric massager can dredge the meridians, reconcile qi and blood, improve the patient’s mental state and relieve the pain of the patient.

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