Mini Ems Massager

EMS Massager manufacturer: FUJIREJA

FUJIREJA is a specialty manufacturer and supplier of mini ems massager stickers.

EMS: Electronic Muscle Stimulator

Motor nerves are stimulated by an external electrical current, triggering muscle movement


Relax muscles
Keep the muscles moving
Reduce and prevent muscle atrophy
Increase muscle strength

The EMS massager is small, less than the size of a palm, and suitable for carrying around. Designed with ergonomic curves to fit the neck.

EMS cervical spine massager uses a high-grade soft silicone, which is gentle and delicate. In terms of electrodes, imported conductive silver paste is used, and the current distribution is even, which can fully stimulate human chicken. The skin side adopts a skin-friendly gel patch, which closely fits the skin and the patch, is high-strength and breathable, and is comfortable and gentle.

During the massage process, the built-in chip EMS current technology can receive body pain information, massage moderately, and avoid pain!

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