Head Scalp Massager

Head Scalp Massager manufacturer: FUJIREJA

FUJIREJA is a leading electric head massager manufacturer and supplier of electric head massagers, electric scratcher massagers, and scalp massagers.

Regarding the head massager, many people in the current society may sometimes experience greater stress.

At this time, the brain may be over-tensioned and cause headaches. we should need to relax appropriately, like the elderly at home. The current head massager is designed by simulating human massage, in order to achieve massage to relieve our stress.

There are five main ways to relieve head fatigue in head scalp massagers currently on the market:

  • Multi-frequency vibration
  • Warm compress
  • Smart air pressure
  • Meditation guidance
  • Knead your head

The specific one can be selected according to your actual situation and budget.

Recommend a small head scalp massager, imitating a human hand design, four or more massage hands, silicone massage head, small and exquisite, comfortable to press. Massage the scalp in all directions. The scalp is relaxed and blood circulation is better. In fact, this is not only a head massager, it can massage the whole body, neck, shoulders, and so on.

The same four or more grippers, silicone massage head, small and exquisite, comfortable to press.

Frequent dredging of the meridians and acupoints on the head is good for blood circulation.

First, the scalp massager can improve the blood circulation of the brain and increase the oxygen uptake of the brain, which is conducive to the regulation of cerebral cortex function. For sub-healthy and mentally stressed people, it can eliminate tension, anxiety, and fatigue, and give the brain sufficient energy. For the elderly, it can also delay or treat symptoms such as insomnia, tinnitus, deafness, and dizziness.

Second, massaging the scalp can protect the hair, improve the metabolism of hair follicles, help hair growth, prevent hair loss, and promote hair to become shiny and supple.

Third, the scalp massager can treat neuropathic headaches, especially migraines, and can be used as an auxiliary treatment method to relieve headaches caused by stroke and cerebral hemorrhage.

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