Shoulder Back Massager

Shoulder Back Massager Manufactory

FUJIREJA is a specialty manufacturer and supplier of Shoulder massagers, Back Massage.

Shoulder Back Massager is based on ergonomics and meridian principles of Chinese medicine. After a lot of practice, it has been designed to produce a warm beating function that simulates hand beating, which can provide a massage like a human hand.

The Shoulder Back Massager is shaped like a coat, with a handle on each side for easy use.
A variety of massage modes, imitating human hand beat massage. The intensity is adjustable.
Back warming function.

The role of Shoulder Back Massager

  • Relieve shoulder and back pain caused by work pressure and housework.
  • Relieve shoulder pain caused by sleeping stiff neck.
  • Relieve the pain caused by poor circulation of Qi and blood for many years.
  • Help burn fat and promote weight loss.

Shoulder Back Massager is suitable for:

  • Long-term computer workers such as students and white-collar workers
  • Management, motorists
  • People with high-intensity work pressure
  • Myopia
  • People with mild insomnia
  • Middle-aged and elderly people
  •  Exercise-induced injury

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