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Does the cervical spine massager feel like an electric shock?

The cervical spine massager

Hahaha, the electric shock you mentioned is actually low-frequency pulse massage, one of the two massage methods of the cervical spine massager. This is a popular massage method at present. Manual massage stimulates the contraction of the muscles and then relaxes the muscles, so there will be a feeling of tingling current.

Before using the low-frequency pulse cervical spine massager, you need to pay attention to it, so that you can experience the product better;

1. Apply the soothing gel provided by the buyer on the electrode pad before use, so as to increase the fit between the skin and the electrode pad and avoid “needle sticking” pain;

2. At the beginning of use, the massage intensity level should be changed from low to high, and slowly adjust to the level that suits you, so as to avoid the risk of tingling when you start to use high-level massage. Generally, the median level is enough;

If you are busy at work and don’t have time to apply the soothing gel on the electrodes and don’t like the wetness of the cervical spine, you can choose another massage method of the cervical spine massager, the physical massager.

Physical kneading is to use the massage head of the machine to rotate and vibrate to imitate human hands to knead, massage, press, and tap to massage our necks, which can promote blood circulation and relieve shoulder and neck pain;

Physical massage is much more convenient to use than low-frequency pulses, and the user experience is much better than low-frequency pulses. You don’t have to worry about the risk of stinging. Moreover, it is designed to imitate human hand massage, and the experience is more like a massage chair. 99% of people can be very good at acceptance.

In addition, there are also many portable physical neck protectors on the market, which have been greatly improved in size and weight and are convenient to use in the office;

Both massage techniques can relieve cervical pain caused by sitting for a long time. If you are not sensitive to electric current or use pulse products for daily use, you can choose low-frequency pulse massage;

If you are in conflict with the current or you are not sure whether you can use pulse products, it is safe and stable to choose physical kneading massagers. For example, I prefer physical massagers in the form of U-shaped pillows, which can be used as pillows during lunch breaks in the office;

Tips: The most important thing to choose a cervical spine massager is to choose the massage method that suits you

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Wireless remote control neck massager

Is electronic pulse massager safe and reliable for middle-aged and elderly people?

Electronic pulse massager

Table of content
1. The principle of electronic cervical spine massager on the market
2. Is electronic pulse massage safe and reliable for middle-aged and elderly?

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At present, because everyone works for a long time, staring at their mobile phone or computer, there are more or fewer problems with the cervical spine, and they all choose a massager to relax the cervical spine. So what is the principle of the massager and is it safe?

1. The principle of electronic cervical spine massager on the market

The electronic massager stimulates specific parts through electric pulses, thereby affecting the movement of muscle nerves, achieving the effect of relaxing muscles and relieving fatigue similar to physical massage.

2. Is electronic pulse massage safe and reliable for middle-aged and elderly?

The answer is: Electromagnetic pulses are safe and reliable for most middle-aged and elderly people, but they should be used with caution in conditions such as brain nerve damage (the massager has no therapeutic effect, its main function is massage, and so are electric pulses)

Look at the analysis below:

An electric pulse is a pulse generated by electrons, and a pulse is a process of changing the voltage once in a short time. The commonly used alternating current can be regarded as a kind of pulse current.

The pulses used for massage therapy are mostly intermediate-frequency pulses and low-frequency pulses.

Medium frequency pulse (1000~1000000Hz) is suitable for osteoarthritis and lumbar intervertebral disc herniation that is prone to occur in common cervical, knee, spine, hip, ankle, and other weight-bearing joints. It has the effects of pain relief, improvement of blood circulation, and anti-inflammation.
It is mostly used in hospitals and other places and has a good physical therapy effect.

Low-frequency pulses (below 1000Hz) have three functions: exciting neuromuscular tissue, promoting local blood circulation, and analgesia. According to the device technology that provides low-voltage pulses, it is divided into two types: TENS and EMS.

TENS: helps to stimulate sensory nerve endings, so that pain signals cannot reach the brain, and is mostly used to relieve chronic and acute pain;

EMS: stimulates muscle contraction by imitating the action current of the central nervous system, and is suitable for muscle relaxation, strengthening, and promoting blood circulation.

At present, the common low-pulse micro-current massagers on the market use TENS, EMS, or a combination of the two. Some manufacturers have done a good job in marketing.

Therefore, the conventional low-frequency pulses used by electronic massagers are almost harmless to the human body but can bring various benefits to the human body.

A high-intensity pulse current will cause damage to human tissue and the nervous system for a certain period of time, and the definition of this range varies from person to person. For middle-aged and elderly people, it is recommended to pay attention to controlling the continuous use time and intensity. There has to be a degree.

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cervical spine massager

Uncover the working principle of cervical spine massager, do you know?

Uncover the working principle of cervical spine massager

Table of Contents
The massage mode of the vertebral massager
Market trend

intelligent neck massager

The massage mode of the vertebral massager

Generally divided into two forms: physical massager and pulse current massager.

Physical massage

As the name implies, it uses the technique of imitating manual massage through a machine, simulating the experience of a human masseuse, and performing physical operations on the area that needs to be massaged. With the advancement of science and technology, this physical massager on the market has many functions, such as tapping, pressing, hot compressing, massage, grasping, pulling, etc.

Pulse current massage

Another pulse current massager: it is the mainstream on the market at present, using a very small current to stimulate the muscles, so as to achieve the effect of massage and soothing. Because only the size and frequency of the current need to be controlled by the chip, there is no traditional motor, so the current pulse massager is much smaller in volume than the physical kneading massager, and the weight is also very light, which is incredibly convenient to carry. It can meet the needs of various scenarios.

The current pulse massager naturally does not have the feeling of physical massage when it is used. After it is turned on, there will be a tingling feeling, and the stimulation of micro-current will relax the muscles.

Market trend

At present, the electric pulse technology on the market is divided into three types: TENS pulse current, EMS pulse current, and EMS+TENS combination.


The principle is to transmit signals to the muscles through micro-current stimulation, so that the muscles passively contract, promote blood circulation, eliminate fatigue, help the body recover, and prevent muscle atrophy.


The principle is to stimulate the epidermal nerve through the electric current, relieve pain, relax the muscles, and avoid further muscle damage caused by prolonged tension.

TENS+ENS technology

The mid-to-high-end products will also combine TENS+ENS technology, using the different characteristics of these two pulses to connect, to stimulate the massage area from the epidermis to the muscles, not only on the surface but also from the outside to the inside. Get a more comprehensive and comfortable massage experience.

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What is a Neck shoulder back massager?

A neck shoulder back massager is a shawl-like massager that only needs to be draped over the shoulders to relieve shoulder pain.

product description
Neck shoulder back massager is easy to carry, simple to operate, safe, and reliable. It has a microcomputer control system inside. Like a masseuse, it has priority and multiple percussion modes. Using the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, improves the operation of qi and blood, activates blood and removes stasis, and eliminates toxins. Relax tense muscles, relieve pain and eliminate fatigue.

Regular use can improve the nervous system, digestive system, immune system, and circulatory system function. Can enhance cell vitality and promote metabolism. Set up a variety of massage methods, allowing you to fully enjoy the comfortable feeling of massage.

neck shoulder back massager
What is a neck shoulder back massager? 10

Structural features
1. Automatic timing: automatically shut down after 10 minutes of operation;
2. Adjustable intensity: massage intensity can be adjusted at will;
3. Safe and reliable: there is a temperature control protection device inside;
4. Easy to use: adjust the tapping part at any time.


1. Effectively help eliminate cervical spine, back, waist, and leg pain;
2. Adjust muscle tension, relieve tension, and quickly eliminate fatigue;
3. Regular use can improve the functions of the nervous system, digestive system, immune system, and circulatory system;
4. It can enhance cell vitality and promote metabolism.

It can also be placed on the waist and massage the waist directly, which is very convenient and fast and can be used anywhere as long as it can be powered on. Like a masseuse, a shoulder back massager has multiple percussion modes of priorities and priorities. It uses traditional Chinese medicine theory to improve qi and blood circulation, activate blood and remove stasis, eliminate toxins, relax tense muscles, relieve pain and eliminate fatigue. Regular use can improve the nervous system, digestive system, immune system, and circulatory system function. Can enhance cell vitality and promote metabolism. The specific usage is as follows:

How to use Neck shoulder back massager

1. Insert the power plug of the shoulder back massager into the power outlet and turn on the power, the product is in a ready state.

2. Press the switch key to enter the automatic mode state, the two beating motors start to work, there are 39 modes of beating, and the intensity is automatically adjusted from 1 to 12 levels of intensity, and each time it enters the automatic mode, it is in the state of level 1 at the beginning. Work.

3. If it is in the manual mode, press the automatic program key to switch to the automatic mode, and then press the automatic program key again to exit the automatic mode.

Note when using neck back massager: 1. Before and after use, you can drink warm water to help detoxify and promote metabolism. 2. When not in use, please pull out the power plug.

The main advantage
1. Free your hands, the percussion massager can be used on any part you want to massage, such as the neck, shoulders, waist, and legs, to beat away your sore muscles and bring you unprecedented comfort and health.
2. Rhythmic beating massage can improve blood circulation, relax tense muscles, improve the function of nerves and immune systems, and promote high-quality sleep.
3. This product adopts a variety of massage techniques to imitate human hand massage and is equipped with an embracing design that fits the body curve comfortably, giving you a more comprehensive, better effect, and more varied pressure-relieving and relaxing massage.

Working principle
Fatigue and soreness are caused by local qi and blood obstruction. This product accelerates blood circulation through beating and massage, improves qi and blood circulation, activates blood and removes stasis, eliminates toxins, relaxes tense muscles, relieves pain, and eliminates fatigue. The pain points are reflected in the meridians. Generally, there is no pain, but if there is pain, the pain is blocked. The strength of the beating should be based on your own comfort.

Adapt to the crowd
This product is suitable for patients, the elderly, housewives, office workers, students, and people after exercise, but also for people with pain in the cervical spine, back, waist, and legs; fatigue, tension, and a variety of people with low immunity, etc.

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intelligent neck massager

How to choose an intelligent neck massager?

Intelligent neck massager: It basically uses pulse current (pulse technology such as TENS, EMS), and the generated current wave simulates massage techniques such as kneading, massage, and acupuncture, and plays a relaxing role.The popularity of smart devices has made more and more wearable devices intelligent. With the single demand of people, smart massage devices have also begun to spread slowly.

Office workers need to work at a desk for a long time, and shoulder and neck problems have also become a single occupational disease for many people.

Although there are many single physiotherapy services such as massage for the blind, the cost of one-time consumption is often high. If there is such a portable neck-mounted neck massager device, it can solve the problem of neck massage very well.

The advantages of this intelligent neck massager are very obvious, the size is very small, and it is very convenient to carry in daily life, but the disadvantages are also very obvious, that is, the electric pulse technology will have a certain tingling feeling, which many elders can not accept, suitable for young people use.

1) We mentioned before the electrode pads that the principle of the “pulse current” cervical spine massager is to directly contact the skin through the electrode pads with pulse function, stimulate muscle contraction, and imitate muscle movement, so as to achieve the effect of rehabilitation, then this “electrode pad” “It’s very important.

Grasp a principle, the bigger the electrode, the better, and the more the better. The larger the electrode pads, the more neck muscles the pulse can cover, and the better the massage experience and effect. In addition, most of the “pulse current” cervical spine massagers use electrode pads for heat therapy. The electrode pads are too small and there is no feeling at all.

2) The maximum temperature that the human skin can withstand is 50°C. If the temperature exceeds this temperature, there will be a risk of being scalded. It is recommended that you try to choose a large brand of cervical spine massager. After all, it is used in such a sensitive part of the cervical spine. Safety first.

At present, the mainstream method of smart neck massager is to use a heating film for heating, but there are also some products that use far-infrared methods for heating. There are benefits. It is recommended to maintain a constant temperature of 42 degrees on the line.

3) Wearing a smart neck massager for comfort is very important. If the electrode pads or massage head do not fit the neck at all, the massage experience and feeling will be greatly reduced.

4) A portable intelligent neck massager that can meet different usage scenarios and greatly reduce the possibility of being idle. In this regard, the pulse current neck massager has natural advantages, such as small size, easy portability, and strong battery life. There are also some products in physical massage that do well in this regard and can be rolled up and carried in a small bag.

5) Battery life
The battery life actually determines the portability of the product, and no one wants to charge it every day.

It is recommended that you don’t read some guides that support several days of battery life when purchasing. Everyone’s usage scenarios and usage times are different. How is this calculated? Or directly look at the marked battery size.

Therefore, it is recommended that when purchasing a smart neck massager, just choose the one that suits you, and don’t think that the expensive one must be good.

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neck massagers

Do neck massagers work?

Do neck massagers really work?

Nowadays, I believe that many urban white-collar workers have experienced neck soreness, and even when they turn their necks, there will be occasional crisp sounds… After all, it takes a long time to go to work during the day. In a game, a posture for a long time will cause more or less muscle soreness. For the elites in the workplace, maintaining the neck has become an urgent matter. However, it costs a lot of time and money to go to a professional masseuse for the massage, so many manufacturers have seized this pain point and launched a lot of neck massagers.

So, today, let’s experience a neck massager with you.

The packaging box with the main white color is simple in design, with intuitive product pictures on the front and detailed parameters on the back, everything is very intuitive.

No complicated accessories, massage instrument, remote control, charging cable, manual, gel sticker*2, etc. are all available.

This massager adopts a conventional U-shaped design and adheres to the concept of simplicity. The main white color is matched with a slightly advanced pearlescent shell color, and the frosted treatment and coating process makes it more comfortable to use;

There are 4 buttons on the left side of the fuselage, which has the illusion of a headset. The switch/mode switching button is located in the middle, the force switching button is left plus and right minus, and there is a heating function button on the top. The button feedback is appropriate and the operation is smooth.

The charging interface is located at the bottom of the control panel, and the Micro USB interface is equipped with a dust plug, which is both protective and aesthetically pleasing.

There are two electrode pads on the inside of the top of the fuselage. The gold-plated coating effectively avoids skin allergies. The built-in NTC sensor accurately controls the temperature, which is safe and secure. According to the official introduction, it adopts the fast heating technology of PET heating film that can sense the hot compress in 3 seconds. The constant temperature of 42 °C makes the blood circulation of telangiectasia accelerated, which effectively relieves the cold and stiff neck.

The electrode pad and the fuselage adopt a multi-angle movable design, which is convenient to adjust the angle to make the electrode pad and the skin fit better, which is convenient for users to use in different environments.

The attached two gel stickers, for students who use the neck massager for the first time, can have a soothing massage effect when used together with the gel stickers.

So what is the actual effect? Come and see it! This massager has no complicated settings, and you can easily get started after reading the instruction manual in one minute. It should be noted that the control panel side should be placed on the left side. Actually wearing it, the skin-friendly material, ergonomic design, and many other details make it comfortable to wear regardless of the size of the neck.

It supports 5 intelligent modes, including intelligent, soothing, Chinese, Thai, and strong. It can simulate pressing, knocking, kneading, pushing, pinching, shooting, and other simulation techniques. It has 15 levels of strength, which can meet the needs of different users.

Smart mode: suitable for the daily care of cervical spine; soothing mode: relax overused cervical spine; Chinese mode: promote blood circulation, stimulate neuromuscular tissue; Thai mode: improve blood circulation and improve muscle condition; strong mode: deep massage to restore muscle mode.

From the actual experience, this neck massager is small and light, comfortable to wear, and has a variety of massage strengths to choose from. Only if you choose 6 or more levels, you will have a particularly obvious stimulation. , shooting, and other simulation techniques can effectively relieve neck pain. As for battery life, due to the built-in 600mAh capacity battery, it can be used more than 10 times when fully charged for 10 minutes each time.

To sum up, this neck massager is small and stylish, with a delicate appearance, and has both massage and health care functions, making it a simple and practical trendy item.

The multi-mode optional, multi-gear adjustment makes the use more diversified; the built-in battery and wireless remote control make it more convenient to use; the compact body, whether you are at work or traveling at home, it is particularly easy to carry.

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Heating Neck Massager

Do you know the magical effect of neck massager?

The neck massager is useful, mainly for simple cervical spondylosis, that is, the inflammatory lesions formed by fatigue, tension, and strain of soft tissues such as muscles, tendons, and ligaments in the cervical spine, causing pain and unfavorable activities.

The neck massager can effectively relax the muscles, increase the local blood circulation, promote the metabolism of local inflammatory metabolites, effectively relax the muscle tissue, and the symptoms of pain and unfavorable activities can be improved.

The neck massager can effectively massage the muscles of the neck and the surrounding soft tissues, promote the blood circulation of the local soft tissues, relieve muscle spasms, help eliminate local inflammatory pathogenic factors and metabolic products, and strengthen local nutrient supply. It can effectively relieve the pain and tightness of the neck and shoulders and has a good therapeutic effect.

As a member of the bow-headed family, although I always silently tell myself in my heart, don’t always bow my head to play with my mobile phone, and keep my normal activities, but because I usually work long hours in front of the computer and I have to stay up late and work overtime, I can finally rest and hold it again. Watching videos and playing games on mobile phones to relax, this bad living habit often leads to the problem of a stiff neck and uncomfortable cervical spine.

So many people go out for a massage, but the cost of a massage is too high, and they just want to go home after getting off work at night, so many people choose to buy a neck massager, and we basically have one in our office.

There are two types of neck massagers:

One is physical massage, which is mechanical beating and kneading; similar to traditional Chinese medicine massage, this type of cervical spine massager has the function of support and protection and is suitable for middle-aged and elderly people.

The other is the micro-current pulse technology, which acts on the neck muscles and nerves, and has the best effect on neural cervical spine fatigue. It is suitable for long-term desk work and company white-collar workers who deal with various display screens.

The micro-current pulse massager is cheap and can be used by one person. It is very comfortable and has a good massage and soothing effect on cervical fatigue.

There are three gears in total, which can be freely switched according to personal preference and endurance. Small size, does not occupy space, can be used for walking, sitting, and lying and the appearance is generous and fashionable.

In general, the physical massager is very easy to use, but the price is too expensive, and the volume is too large to carry around. The pulse massager is more suitable for our office workers. The price is moderate, and it is very useful to relieve neck fatigue.

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Heating Neck Massager

2 different techniques for neck massager in 2022, did you know?

At present, neck massager on the market is basically divided into two categories: pulse massager and physical kneading massager.

Now the most popular on the market is the pulse neck massager, which uses a very small current to stimulate the deep muscles to achieve the effect of massage and relaxation. The size and frequency of the current are controlled by the chip, so the volume of the pulse massager Compared with the physical kneading massager, it is much smaller and lighter in weight and can be put into a carry-on bag to carry with you, which is very suitable for work and travel.

The noise of the pulse neck massager is also smaller than that of the physical kneading massager. It does not have the traditional motor of the physical kneading massager. Of course, it does not have the feeling of the traditional massage when it is used. After turning it on, you will feel numbness. With the stimulation of micro-current, the muscles begin to relax, and the local blood circulation begins to accelerate, allowing you to experience a very relaxed feeling in the cervical spine area.

At present, the pulse electric technology on the market is divided into TENS pulse current, EMS pulse current, and a combination of the two.

The difference between single pulse and double pulse
The Chinese name of TENS is Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, which is a common method of pain treatment and is considered to be a very safe treatment. , the muscles will relax, and they will not be as tight as when they were painful before, avoiding further muscle damage caused by prolonged tightness.

The Chinese name of EMS is Muscle Electrical Stimulation. Its principle is to transmit signals to the muscles through micro-current stimulation so that the muscles are passively contracted, and at the same time, it also accelerates the consumption of fat, promotes blood circulation, eliminates fatigue, and helps the body recover, preventing muscle atrophy.

It has a similar principle to acupuncture. It is no longer like the previous massager, which only has superficial stimulation. It can make the stimulation reach the depth of the muscles, and better exercise the muscles in the cervical spine area and exercise the muscles in the cervical spine area, making them stronger and healthier.

Double Pulse Technology
Now some mid-to-high-end products combine TENS+ENS. This mode is to combine the different characteristics of these two pulses to stimulate the deep-level stimulation of the massage area from the epidermis to the muscles, not only on the surface but also deeply relaxing from the outside to the inside. , allowing users to get a more comprehensive and comfortable massage experience.

physical massage
The physical kneading massager uses a machine to imitate the technique of a human masseuse to physically decompress the area that needs to be massaged. This massager requires a motor, so this massager is heavier than a pulse massager. , the same volume will also be larger, so its portability is not as good as the pulse massager. With the advancement of technology, this physical massager has now begun to add many functions, such as warm compress, massage, grasping, pinching, Top pressure, etc., which is not a single massage method like hammering before.

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