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China Massage Gun Manufacturer: Fujireja

FUJIREJA is a leading china massage gun manufacturer, we offer an assortment of high-quality massagers and health products that are both innovative and functional, including the best affordable china massage gun, the fascia Gun.

A massage gun, also called Fascia Gun, is used for Percussion Therapy to relax the fascia.
Massage guns originated from medical shock waves. The shock wave is a kind of sound wave with mechanical characteristics that generates energy through extreme compression of the medium through vibration and high-speed movement. It will cause the physical properties of the medium such as pressure, temperature, and density to change leaps and bounds. In nature, all explosion situations are accompanied by shock waves, which always occur when the expansion speed of matter becomes greater than the local speed of sound.

What is the treatment principle of massage guns?

After fitness or exercise, the sympathetic nerves are over-excited, causing the muscles to be too tense when they are static, resulting in fascial adhesions, which affect the recovery of growth.

When the fascia is adhered or injured, the body often has many uncomfortable reactions: muscle stiffness, stiffness, tightness, local skin temperature is low and damp; muscle tissue is loose, inelastic or elastic, sunken; subcutaneous, deep muscle, There are irregular lump-shaped or string-shaped hard tissues between the sutures.

This is a way for the body to protect muscles, and it is also a protective mechanism that hinders muscle recovery. In particular, some deep-seated muscles are difficult to reach by foam shafts or vibrating foam shafts.

Therefore, it is necessary to release this extra excitement through fascia relaxation, so that the above problems can be solved and alleviated. With dynamic stretching before training and static stretching after training, the muscles and joints are more beautiful and safe. Compared with our daily use of foam rollers to relax, massage gun relaxes muscles and fascia more deeply and accurately.

The massage gun produces 2000-3000 vibrations per minute, and the gun head impacts the target part of the body to help the muscles and soft tissues relax and restore, and promote blood circulation. At the same time, it effectively dissipates the large amount of creatine produced by the human body due to fatigue in exercise, work, and life, and has a very good effect on relieving body fatigue; its high-frequency oscillation effect can penetrate deep skeletal muscles and relax skeletal muscles instantly. Meridians, nerves, and blood vessels flowed instantly.

Its working principle is to transmit to deep muscle tissue through mechanical vibration and can stimulate proprioception function, that is to say by vibrating local tissue to relieve pain, relax muscles, and promote circulation

1. The best Muscle relaxation massage gun is suitable for the crowd

    • Professional group: Rehabilitation
    • Professional crowd: athletes, extreme sports, competition athlete
    • Fitness enthusiasts: fitness coaches, sports and fitness enthusiasts
    • Ordinary people: women who stand for a long time, wear high heels for a long time, people who work at the office for a long time.

2. The purpose of massage gun

Both professional athletes and ordinary sports enthusiasts are prone to exercise-induced muscle fatigue after exercise. The traditional treatment effect is not only unsatisfactory and slow but also cannot ensure that the treatment will penetrate deep into the muscle tissue and effectively relieve muscle fatigue.

The massage gun can penetrate deep muscle tissue and myofascial membrane through high-frequency impacts, promote sensory recovery, relieve spasms, effectively relieve tissue adhesion and excessive excitement, quickly decompose inflammatory products and promote metabolism, improve the tissue environment, relax muscles, reduce the occurrence of delayed soreness.

For ordinary people, the best affordable massage gun can relax muscles, relieve fatigue, and effectively defend against fasciitis.

Fujireja is the main massage gun manufacturer in China.

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