Electric Foot Massager 876

Super Electric Foot Massager 876
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Electric Foot Massager 876 manufacturer: FUJIREJA
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Function: Shiatsu Kneading Massage
Material: Eco-friendly PP
Massage area: Feet, Sole, Instep

Air pressure covering and LCD touch screen
Auto Working Time: 15 Minutes
Application Scope: Subhealth crowd, The elderly, Students
1. Voltage frequency:110-240v~60/50Hz
2. New design
3. Feet scrapping and kneading
4. Air Pressure
5. Ozone creat
6. Removable cloth cover
7. Heat device.
8. Power: 50W
9. Lcd display
10. Three Massage parts internal to the machine

Kneading Massage to ease muscle ache
Acts on foot to reduce fatigue

Product Size: 47.8*36.5*19.8cm
Packing Size: 53*29*44cm
G.W.: 7kgs
Loading: 1000pcs/1×40’HQ