Lumbar Massager

Lumbar Massager Waist Massager Manufacturer: FUJIREJA

FUJIREJA is a specialty manufacturer and supplier of electric massagers, lumbar massagers, and waist massagers.

Classification and principles of Lumbar Massager.

Lumbar Massager mainly includes two categories: Lumbar back Massager and waist massager. Combining ergonomics and traditional Chinese medicine meridian theory research and design, body health care is carried out by kneading or far-infrared massage on the waist.

The main role of the best waist massager.

It can promote the blood circulation of the human body, improve metabolism, help to relax the muscles and blood, eliminate fatigue, eliminate muscle soreness and regulate autonomic nerves. Effectively prevent the physiological curvature of the lumbar spine from moving downward, reduce lumbar muscle strain, and prevent lumbar disc herniation.

How to use the best waist massager.

1. Best waist massager acupuncture point method: find the exact meridian position, use the waist massager head to hold the meridian unchanged, plus a relatively strong degree of strength, for ten to fifteen seconds.

2. The pressing method of the electric waist massager: passing above the meridian, applying pressure in accordance with the pulse flow method, the pressure is mixed with each other in size and intensity.

3. The kneading method of the electric waist massager: After following the correct meridian position, slowly turn it in a clockwise or counterclockwise position to achieve a relaxing effect. The level of strength used is average.

4. Rotation method of electric waist massager’s massage hands: start to a fixed position, then move along the fixed position, and use the force evenly.

5. Mutual stimulation method of Lower back massager: The front parts of the two massagers are symmetrical to each other, allowing the magnetic field lines to penetrate some parts of the body.

6. The stretching method of the Lower back massager: the top of the waist massager passes through the meridian position and begins to stretch.

Lumbar Massager can indeed relieve the pain of the lumbar spine and other diseases, but everyone knows that lumbar spine diseases are very difficult to cure. In addition to treatment and health care, everyone should take preventive measures in daily life and work. Don’t sit for a long time and don’t suffer from the lumbar spine. Before the illness, the waist trainer can better protect the waist.

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