Best Belly Massager 902C

Best Belly Massager 902C
Low-frequency pulse waist massager
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Low-frequency pulse waist massager
Best Belly Massager 902C
Power output: 5W Host battery: DC 3.7V/1800mAh
Button battery: CR2032 DC 3V
Charging power supply: DC 5V 1A (USB)
Packing size: 267X123X76mm
Weight: about 318g
Battery operation time per charge: 90-120 minutes

Low-frequency impulse electrotherapy-EMS/TENS, ABS
Pulse massage: Four massage contact points (larger message area)

6 modes for this waist massager:
1. Automatic Combination1
2. Automatic Combination2
3. Simulated Tuina Massage
4. Simulated Shiatsu Massage
5. Simulate Kneading Massage
6. Simulated Tapping massage

16 intensities:
0th: Initial status
1-5th: Low intensity/mild electric flu
5-10th: Medium intensity/Suitable for people with mild waist pain
10-16th: High intensity/Suitable for people with moderate or mild waist pain

Focus on: Relieving waist pain, protecting waist


The main functions of the best belly massager are as follows:
1. It has a soothing effect and relieves the symptoms of insomnia.
2. It can prevent the production of hypertension and arteriosclerosis, and has a good relieving effect on cerebrovascular diseases.
3.  The waist massager can keep the capillaries in the abdomen unblocked and promote the consumption of fat. Has an effect of weight loss. Can prevent the symptoms of constipation.
4. It can maintain the normal physiological functions of the human body, and has the effect of promoting clearness and reducing turbidity. 5. It can prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.
6. For women who are in their menstrual period or are afraid of cold, it has the function of warm physical therapy.

***This tummy massager uses high-tech TENS technology to input specific pulse currents into the human body to cause muscle contraction and relaxation to achieve relaxation. The different rhythms, intensities, and speeds of pulses are used to imitate different massage methods, massage, and acupressure. Pinch, beat, etc.

38-48 degrees three-level constant temperature heating, constant temperature hot compress physiotherapy, heat energy penetrates into the muscles, and the stiff waist muscles relax.

Ergonomic design, 0-distance fit to the waist, linear flow design, plus floating electrodes, will automatically adjust the fit according to the waist and abdomen curve.

There are 6 massage modes and 16 pulse intensities, so this Tummy Massager has 6 modes, 16 intensities, and a few keystrokes on the remote control, you can easily enjoy a massage.

The default time is 15 minutes, but you can choose the time flexibly, and you can choose between 5-30 minutes. High-performance lithium battery. It can be used for 4 days when it is fully charged once, and the battery is fully charged for 2-3 hours at a time. If you use it for 30 minutes a day, you can easily enjoy a massage for 4 days.