Cervical Massager C1

Cervical Massager C1


Cervical Massager factory: FUJIREJA
Cervical Massager smart neck massager Cervical Massager C1
Cervical Massager
The Neck Massager is the most practical cervical spine massager designed for the health of the cervical spine. Pressing, kneading, and massaging the meridians, acupuncture points, and muscles around the cervical spine allows the meridians around the cervical spine to flow smoothly, promote blood circulation, and supply Oxygen foot, so as to relieve neck pain, loosen neck stiffness, and prevent headache and dizziness.

Features and functions

1. Stylish streamlined appearance patent design, novel, and technological sense patented adaptive neck bridge, automatically adjusts the curvature of the massage head according to the neck circumference, which is convenient for the whole family to use.
2. The exterior of the product adopts ABS+PC composite engineering plastic, which has stronger toughness and better impact resistance.
3. The kneading massage head is wrapped with antibacterial Lycra fabric, with a delicate surface and good elasticity, making the massage experience more soft and comfortable;
4. The unique 3D handle comfortable grip design is ergonomic, and the massage fit can be adjusted at will, making the massage easier.
5. There are 3 levels of intensity adjustment, easy to choose the intensity that suits you, full function 20 minutes automatic timing, safe and convenient.

For people:
1. Face computer office workers for a long time
2. Those who maintain the same posture for a long time
3. Nervousness, insomnia, and dreaminess
4. People with stiff neck and shoulders and muscle fatigue
5. People with neck and shoulder pain, numbness, and weakness in hands
6. Insufficient brain support, headache, and dizziness

Rated voltage: AC100-240V
Working voltage: DC5V/2.5A
Rated power: 10W

Each neck massager contains 1 color box
12 sets/box
Color box size: 28.5*18*16CM
Net weight: 1.3KG
Gross weight: 1.6KG
Carton size: 60*38*50CM
The gross weight of the carton: was 17.5KG