fujireja quality assurance
Can services be guaranteed by FUJIREJA?
Yes, it is sure, in buying services, normally one year warranty since purchasing from FUJIREJA.

The standard service management system has been implemented, Fujireja measures the customer satisfaction rate through the quantitative evaluation mechanism, pursue 100% customer satisfaction. Brand FUJIREJA (Fujireja) initiate and practice “the customer to be supreme, serve first” idea, resolve the actual difficulties for the customers by providing prompt and efficient service.

It is a true reflection of Fujireja service, as a brand symbol, a concept, a spirit into the VI system, the woodpecker service of Brand FUJIREJA is committed to becoming the industry’s most complete service brand. Brand FUJIREJA,not only focuses on Innovation and Quality but also pays high attention to the healthy & enjoyment value-added services of products.

From the guide, sale, installation, after-sale four links, Fujireja quantifies operation steps and specifies service details. the woodpecker service of Brand FUJIREJA has been fully activated, it provides customers with professional and comprehensive service management solutions.

FUJIREJA Provides the health & massager with enough functionality and style, meanwhile pays most attention to the extreme humanized functions, also the effect and style of furniture collocations. we keep in close communication with customers, fashionable people and decorators, extract valuable information and advice, pursue customer satisfaction, ensure the comprehensiveness and the most valuable of the service from FUJIREJA, and strive to be the first service brand in the industry in China.


What kind of warranty does FUJIREJA provide?
At FUJIREJA, our Electric massagers, Massage Chairs, are manufactured under the strictest production standards. With over 186 quality inspection checks, our pursuit of perfection in quality has one goal: to offer our consumers the perfect experience to enjoy a comfortable life.

With over 18 years of experience, we have searched the world over working with first-class research & development labs incorporating traditional massage techniques with the latest in robotic technology and functionality.

Our massage chairs incorporate unparalleled dependability, high quality materials distinguishing our range of chairs. Our range is hand-crafted from the ground up with high class special massage grade leathers that don’t deteriorate with use through to the inclusions of a titanium railing systems.

FUJIREJA has a professional engineer, designer, and sales team.

FUJIREJA provides service to customers with our abundant experience and professional knowledge.

◊Service Guide
Please send us the concerning photos and videos (if possible ) of the damaged function or part,  because Fujierja owned a professional after-sales team, the engineers in the team will analyze every problem one by one in detail, they will deliver the professional guide on how to correct it.

FUJIREJA will deliver the replacement parts for the 1st time by express/ air when the problem is clear at our cost if any quality problem comes from design, manufacturing from FUJIREJA, we will bear the concerned liabilities, ad makes a speedy response with action to guarantee the benefits of Fujireja’s business partner or distributors, dealers, store owners.

Cheers! We are sure that you will enjoy the Best Quality of the Fujireja Products and Warm Services !  Thank you very much for choosing to cooperate with FUJIREJA!