Neck Fan

Neck Fan Manufacturer: FUJJIREJA

FUJIREJA is a specialty manufacturer of Home Appliances and a supplier of household appliances: Electric Neck Fan Series.

Fans Free’s neck-mounted USB charging fan only needs to be hung on the neck when used, freeing both hands, and the cool breeze will follow wherever you go.

halter neck design summer fashion essentials

Silicone material, soft fit

The highlight of this fan is that it is similar to the shape design of headphones

On the way to work and home, you can open a parasol, carry a bag, and pick up materials, and you will no longer be in a hurry.
Usually, exercise and fitness, travel, hang it around your neck.

Of course, you can also use it to blow your hair when you are working in the office, taking a nap, or studying in class, which is very convenient.
Even when cooking in the kitchen, you can use it to cool off the heat and cool down without sweating.

The silicone neckband fits the neck and is very soft.

The weight is very light, much lighter than ordinary headphones, and it is comfortable to wear without any burden.

Rotate and bend at will, and “concave a shape” can stand firmly on the desktop, and the office happiness will rise.

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