Knees Massager

Knees massager manufacturer: FUJIREJA

FUJIREJA is China’s best electric KNEES massager manufacturer and supplier of electric knee massagers, heated knee massagers, and massagers for knee pain.

The knees massager machine can take good care of the knees of the elderly, especially in the case of arthritis, bone hyperplasia, difficulty in squatting, and restricted walking.

It has an infrared light physiotherapy function, a built-in carbon fiber heating sheet, and a total of multiple infrared lamps arranged in the inner center of the ring, which can emit 615-660nm red light to irradiate the knee, which can effectively reduce the excitement of nerve endings and improve the blood circulation in the knees plays a role in warming and relaxing the knees, effectively alleviating knee pain.

The knees massager machine has a magic band at the bottom, and it is very thick and strong.

It is easy to disassemble and assemble when using it, and it can also ensure that the massager fits tightly on the knee.

The charging interface is advancing with the times, using the Type-C interface, which can be inserted at will, regardless of direction.

Another practical feature is the airwave multi-point massage, which can be combined with artificial human pushing, pressing, and pinching automatic massage.

During use, the form of airwave massage is dynamic. Massage at different points around the knee, especially the inner knee acupoints, outer knee acupoints, and Heding acupoints of the knee joint at the same time, which can effectively relax the knee.

Built-in carbon fiber heating film, from 45-55 degrees, with different temperature levels, can emit far infrared rays into the knees of the smart knee massager, built-in 2600mAh large-capacity lithium battery for power supply, if used for 15 minutes a day, it can be provided After 9 times of continuous use, the battery life is still very good overall, and get rid of the shackles of wire, the operation and use are more convenient and worry-free.

The intelligent knees massager machine can be designed according to the dual structure of the human knee joint, which fits the main healthcare points of the knee and fully wraps it. Airwave multi-point massage, voice broadcast, warm compress, red light irradiation, simultaneous knee massage, and other practical functions, wireless and portable, double care, better knee care.

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