Best Cordless Handheld Massager 806

Handheld Massager 806

Power supply: 100V-240V
Input: DC 5V 1A
Power: 5 W
color: White

30 units/box
Cargo size: 25*5*7 cm
Color box size: 26.5 * 6 * 8 cm
Carton size: 42.5*34.5*28.8 cm
Net weight: 0.4 kg
Gross weight: 0.6 kg


China best cordless handheld massager manufacturer

639A3251smart hand massager5
Electric Handheld Deep Massager
1. Simple and practical appearance design style, beautiful and generous.
2. Massage various parts of the body before and after.
3. The massage head perfectly fits the massaged part, strengthens the massage effect, and can massage the special parts of the body such as the cervical spine more effectively.
4. The massage intensity can be adjusted to fit your most comfortable intensity, stimulate the nerves and muscles more effectively, and achieve a comfortable and light massage effect.
5. Plug the charger into the power socket and charge for about 3 hours.
6. It will be turned off after 5 minutes, if you want to use it again, please wait 5 minutes before using it.

Advantages of Best Cordless Handheld Massager
Eliminate physical fatigue
Cordless Handheld Massager can relieve body fatigue, neurasthenia, back pain, shoulder and neck pain, leg pain and other physical discomforts. It can effectively solve fatigue caused by strenuous exercise and relax muscles.
The effect of beauty weight loss
Cordless Handheld Massager can regulate the human endocrine system, improve human immunity, promote fat emulsification, decomposition, and metabolism, and achieve weight loss. It also has significant effects on postpartum abdominal relaxation, breast augmentation, and facial acne.
Adjuvant treatment of various acute and chronic diseases
Best Handheld Massager also has some good effects in the adjuvant treatment of symptoms such as hypotension, rheumatism, arthritis, frozen shoulder, lumbar muscle strain, neuralgia, irregular menstruation, knee inflammation, rheumatism, and joint pain.
Eliminate the pain caused by a stiff neck
When there is a stiff neck, you will feel significant soreness in the back of the neck and restricted neck movement. The use of Best Handheld Massager can eliminate shoulder cramps caused by sleeping stiff neck.
Improve blood circulation
Massage on various parts of the body is simple, economical, and practical, promotes blood circulation throughout the body, increases metabolism, improves sleep quality so that the brain can get sufficient oxygen, keep the mind clear and refreshed.
Infrared hyperthermia
The use of a Cordless Handheld Massager can achieve large-area infrared hyperthermia.

The use of a Handheld Massager can effectively eliminate fatigue, promote blood circulation throughout the body, and improve sleep quality. It is really a good gift for personal use, especially if there are elderly people in the family.