Electric massager for lower back pain 1201

Item name: Lumbar back massager


Electric massager for lower back pain
Electric massager for lower back painlumbar back massagerElectric massager for lower back pain 1201
2 21 2151413121110090806050403012 2Fujireja Lumbar Massager, a Lower Back Stretcher Massager, with Heat Function and adjustable Intensity, electric Inflatable Back Stretcher device, back & sciatica pain relief relaxation.
• Design principles: When a person is supported by a lumbar traction device, pushing the waist up and down with the gravity and pressure of the expanding air of the human body helps to perform dynamic stretching exercises. You don’t have to move, the device helps you move and stretch your hips. The expansion and contraction range up and down is 4-10cm.
• Auxiliary infrared heating: the heating function provides a calming and cooling heat, which ensures a soft and warm massage. This relaxes the muscles while relieving all pain and fatigue. For the best stretching effect, it offers fever therapy, 3 levels: low/medium/high, adjusted between 45 and 65 ° C.
• Auxiliary function: Buy a set of three massage + auxiliary heat functions. If the main purpose is to buy a massage device, we do not recommend you to buy our products, our products are mainly lumbar traction

Electric massager for lower back pain 1201

Adaptor: DC12v-2A
Product size: 40x19x6.5cm
Working current: 300-2000ma
15mins working time, then power off automatically

8 pcs/carton
Product size: 40X19X6.5mm
Color box size: 443*213*105mm
Carton size: 45X45.3X44.6mm
Net weight: 1.31 kg
Gross weight: 1.75 kg