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The best massage chair manufacturer in China: FUJIREJA

Massage chairs, of course, everyone buys them for massage, so buying a good massage chair basically focuses on the related functions of massage.

Those who reach the massage shop know that (yes, the distance I said), most of the massage parts is mainly concentrated on the shoulders, arms, calves, and soles of the feet.

The main massage techniques are also more complicated, including pressing, The techniques of pinching, pushing, rubbing, rubbing, holding, pinching, tapping, rubbing, twisting, patting, vibrating, etc., and the constant repetition and interpretation of the massage chair are also improved for practically approaching manual massage techniques, it is getting closer to manual techniques.

So, whether a massage chair is well done, a luxury chair, or a cheap home massage chair, or not depends on how large a scale imitates manual techniques, covering certain parts of the body, strength, comfort, and so on.

How to choose the most suitable massage chair.

2D mechanism: with a walking motor, a mechanism that can move along the track, a kneading motor, and a percussion motor, which can realize kneading, flapping, shaking, tapping, beating, acupressure, etc.

3D mechanism: In addition to the 2D mechanism, there are some basic mechanisms, and it also comes with a telescopic motor, which can realize the mechanism to expand and contract forward and cooperate with the kneading motor to realize the gripping action.

The more advanced 3D mechanism also has a tactile feedback function. According to the appropriate 3D mechanism, it is not only as simple as whether it is available or not but also depends on its depth of penetration and adjustment of the width.

The mechanism is the core component of the massage chair, and it also greatly impacts the cost. However, because many people who know a little about the chair will start with the mechanism to choose, plus the massage chair mechanism does not have industry norms and standards, which leads to a lot of publicity. Therefore, when choosing a chair, look at the mechanism first. In addition to seeing how many D it is, you also have to see if its massage effect can really be achieved.

For example, a mechanism called 3D cannot be used for three-dimensional massage, basically, you can think of it. That is the 2D mechanism.

Regarding the 4D mechanism, 8D mechanism… In fact, most brands do not recognize these standards, and there is no unified standard, so you will see all kinds of sayings, some are based on 3Dmechanism, plus temperature mechanism, In other words, this hand can still get hot; some say that it is added on the basis of 3D, and the action of scaling up and then rebating… The D is even more ridiculous, in fact, it is 8 1D mechanisms, just say yes

8D, so you don’t have to be too serious about the mechanism above 3D.

The mechanism is the core of the massage chair. The 2D and above mechanisms start to drive the motor. The function of this motor is to allow the machine to move along the track. The length and shape of the track determine the reach and effect of the mechanism.

The general track is divided into the following types: S track, L track, and SL track.

L-Track: Long track, which can cover the front position, but the degree of bending and fit may not be as good as the S-track.

SL track: a combined track of S-type and L-type. At present, the magnetic track type gradually adopted by middle and high-end massage chairs has a high degree of fit and a relatively long coverage length, which can cover from the cover to the top position.

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