Foot Massager

Foot Massager Manufacturer: FUJIREJA

FUJIREJA is a leading china foot massager manufacturer and supplier of products that foster personal health and well-being, including electric foot massagers, and calf massagers.

Electric Foot Massager, using high-quality environmentally friendly materials ABS engineering plastics, high strength, no deformation, harmless to the human body, non-toxic, no energy consumption, easy to clean.

The foot bath massager is a new type of massager, which is electric massage equipment that combines foot bath and massage. It is a kind of foot health care equipment, that massages and stimulates the feet, can stimulate the human body’s potential functions, adjust the body’s yin and yang imbalance, relieve the whole body tension, and achieve the effect of disease prevention and health care.

The role of the Electric Foot Massager

The feet are the farthest from the heart in the human body. If the peripheral circulation of the feet is obstructed, it is easy to cause poor blood circulation, which in turn leads to poor metabolism and decreased function of the body’s tissues and organs. Carrying out foot massage can make the blood circulation of the feet smooth, promote blood circulation throughout the body, accelerate the body’s metabolism, supplement nutrition, and make your body healthy and functioning normally.

Among the twelve meridians of the human body, there are six meridians that reach the foot, namely the Three-Yin Channel of the Foot, and the Three-Yang Channel of the Foot.

Massage therapy can dredge the meridians, relieve the pain, adjust and restore the function of the body’s viscera so that the disorder and diseased viscera function can be repaired and adjusted, and then rehabilitation can be achieved.

The foot massager continuously stimulates and massages the acupoints on the soles of the feet, relieves fatigue, relieves nervousness, improves sleep, and improves health. The strong healthcare magnet generates a magnetic field and continuously stimulates the microcirculation system of the foot through the magnetic field lines. Efficacy: Effectively promote blood circulation, improve the physiological magnetic field of the human body, eliminate fatigue, and achieve health care effects.

Foot Electric Massager is an instrument or device that inherits ancient foot massage techniques and is manufactured based on modern technology. It massages the feet (including soles, insteps, ankles, etc.) of the human body in different forms to achieve health care.

Fujireja is a great foot massager manufacturer in China.

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