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fujireja quality assuranceFUJIREJA Health Manufacturing Co., Ltd., the product range: Massage Chairs, Electric Massagers. It was founded in 2003.

FUJIREJA is a brand new manufacturer and service provider integrated with R&D, manufacturing, and marketing for various massage chairs, massage sofas, furniture wooden massage chairs, eye massagers, body massagers, face massagers, neck massagers, belly massagers, knee massagers, scalp massagers, massage mattresses, massage mats, leg massagers, deep tissue massage guns, shiatsu foot massagers for spa, hand massagers,  ems massagers,and sterilizer deodorizer, deodorant sterilizers, neck fans,...

The company is dedicated to the development of the health industry science and technology.

Corporate Vision:  Become a global leading brand of massage health appliances.

Corporate Mission:  Be dedicated to enhancing human being health.

Corporate Value: Innovation, Open-minded, Sharing, Profession, Honesty.



Quality Assurance

fujireja quality assuranceHydrolysis resistance test
10% sodium hydroxide (strong alkali) continuously soaks the leather for 24 hours without layering and cracking, imitating the hydrolysis reaction that the leather will encounter for 5 years.




 Leather abrasion test
Leather abrasion test

The leather is loaded with 1kg and rubbed repeatedly 500 times without obvious wear and tear.


fujireja quality assurance


Colorfastness test

The surface cotton cloth is loaded with a 22N dry wipe and a wet wipe 20 times at a rate of 1 time per second, and the color fastness is ≥ 4 grades (the highest grade 5 AATCC gray card for comparison).



Universal material tensile testUniversal material tensile test
1. Tear strength test: After the leather is torn a mouth, use 25N in the warp direction and 20N in the weft direction, and at the same time, pull it hard without breaking;
2. Tensile breaking strength: warp direction ≥250N, weft direction ≥250N, the leather material will not break when stretched simultaneously;
3. Elongation at break: Test the elasticity of the leather. After stretching, the leather is elongated by 10% in the warp direction and 15% in the weft direction;
4. Leather sewing machine strength test: At the leather stitching and sewing place, pull at the same time with a force of ≥180N in the warp and weft directions, and the sewing interface will not be broken or deformed.


Bending resistance test
Bending resistance test
The simulated 21.5° angle repeatedly bends, respectively, to reach 200,000 and 500,000 times, and the leather does not break.



Wire bending test


Wire bending test
According to European Union and Chinese standards, the hoisting weight is 500g, the bending is 5000 times, the bending angle is 90°, and the wire is not broken.




Precision projector test
Massage Mechanism Precision projector test
For precision components such as chip motherboards, the projector is used to measure and ensure the precision production standards of important components.




noise test
Massage mechanism noise test
Each massage mechanism needs to pass a noise test before assembly, and the mechanism noise decibel reaches the standard ≤40dB when it is working before it can be assembled on the massage chair.






Salt spray test
Hardware salt spray test
For hardware components, exposed parts are tested with 5% sodium chloride for 24 hours, and internal parts are tested with 3% sodium chloride for 24 hours. They will not rust and the coating will not fall off.





Putter life test
Putter life test
The electric push rod is installed on the iron frame of the massage chair. After a load of 200kg, it is continuously contracted within 24 hours. The number of contractions is ≥ 30,000 times. The push rod has no breaks, no abnormal noises, etc.






Walk-in constant temperature and humidity test

Walk-in constant temperature and humidity test
The whole product has passed the test of high-temperature 40℃, running for 24 hours; low temperature -10℃, running for 24 hours; high-temperature 40℃, high humidity and humidity above 90% running for 48 hours; high-temperature 70℃ storage for 24 hours; cold and hot -20℃ and Stored alternately at a high temperature of 70°C, each for 1 hour, cycled for 5 cycles.


Test in a constant temperature silent room
Test in a constant temperature silent room
Each massage chair must be tested in a silent room after assembly, and the noise of the whole machine must reach the standard ≤50dB before it can be packaged and shipped out of the factory




Edge pressure testPacking Material edge pressure test
The carton reaches the standard side pressure ≥900N, to ensure that every item is delivered in good condition and safe.







Paperboard bursting resistance test
Paperboard bursting resistance test
The carton reaches the standard, breaking resistance ≥9kg


Transportation vibration, drop testTransportation vibration, drop testTransportation vibration, drop test
After the whole machine is packaged and placed on the vibration table, it simulates the vibration and drop test encountered during transportation. The number of vibrations is 14,200, the drop height is 0.8m, and it drops 6 sides. The product has no wear, breakage or abnormal function.

Qualification and Honor

fujireja certificate
The company has obtained UL,FCC,CE,CB,ROHS, KC,KA, FDA registration and other quality and safety certifications for various china massage chair and electric massagers,  products' electrical safety has reached the standard of North America and the European Union, Japan, Korea, Australia, UAE and most of countries.

Management System

ISO9001  Quality Management System CertificationISO13485  Medical Device Quality Management System Certification

ISO14001  Environmental Management System Certification

OHSAS18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification

QC080000  Hazardous Substances Process Management System Certification

FUJIREJA is a most valuable enterprise in global massage healthy appliances industry, provides the most valuable china massager chairs and electric massagers.

Fujireja is looking forward to cooperating with you and forming strong partnerships for mutual growth in the near future!

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