Massage Sofa

Massage sofa manufacturer: FUJIREJA, starting from the idea of ​​stimulating healthy life, aims to become a brand that leads the world in quality life and healthy living products.

FUJIREJA is a leading china massage sofa manufacturer of china massage sofas.

We offer an assortment of high-quality massagers and health products that are both innovative and functional, including high-quality massage sofa chairs, and recliner sofas with massagers.

The functions of the massage sofa

The massage sofa has a small body shape and a small footprint, which is very suitable for small apartments in the living room or bedroom use.

  • The buttocks and back can be massaged at the same time. The massage area is wide, from the neck to the thighs, and the body can be massaged more deeply.
  • The effect of waist and buttocks hot compress and airbags in conjunction with the movement massage is also good, not to mention the massage force is not small, and the massage function of the legs is also available.
  • The small massage sofa is also convenient to move. It is usually placed in the bedroom. Press it slightly before going to bed. You can immediately go back to bed and sleep with one click, and occasionally move out and put it on the balcony, massage, and bask in the sun, very comfortable.
  • Multi-dimensional deep massage, and three-dimensional airbags, massage is more comfortable, allowing you to experience a full-body massage, deep zero gravity or suspension, or cradle mode, so that the muscles are more relaxed, helping the whole body muscles relax, the brain rests, and enter a meditation state.
  • Selected leather materials make it comfortable to lie on and the machine runs quietly.

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