Relax Massage Chair 825

Relax Massage Chair, item code:825
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Relax Massage Chair Manufacturer: FUJIREJA
relax massage chair2 scaledrelax massage chair
Relax Massage Chair, item code:825
1. Zero gravity, 3D movement;
2. Space-saving technology, 2cm distance from the wall,
3. Super long 130cm SL guide rail, 4.Two pushrods, electronic extension foot, max 15cm extension; 5. Shortcut key, Bluetooth;
6. Airbag massage for the whole body
7. Roller scraping massage on foot;
8. TFT 7-inch touchscreen controller;
9. Waist graphene heating
10. 10 sets of auto massage modes, such as man mode, lady mode, relax mode, sleep mode, etc.
11. Wireless charge
12. Delicate stoving varnish Piano Painting

Power: 180watt
100-240v, 50/60hz
Product size:1470*760*1180mm
Packing size: 1400*780*1200mm
Loading: 48pcs/1×40’HQ

This Relax Massage Chair is equipped with a selected 3D intelligent massage mechanism, which automatically fits the human body curve, realizes fixed-point multi-dimensional deep massage up, down, left, and right, and the massage range and strength can be adjusted freely, and the neck to the buttocks can be carefully treated. Bluetooth stereo sound, enjoy high and low bass surround, create a stereo effect. Selected PU leather, soft and skin-friendly, breathable and comfortable, wear-resistant and easy to clean, diamond-shaped interwoven stitching, high-grade sofa sewing technology, durable and beautiful, piano paint-level appearance, and a sense of luxury.

This massage chair zero gravity calf massage is newly upgraded. The double-roller scraping design on the legs can take extra care of your legs and feet. The innovative combination of scraping on the sole of the foot provides a large massage area. Customized automatic massage program, set for different groups of people, men’s health care, greater strength, focusing on the neck and shoulder care, women’s slimming, less customized strength for women, mainly focused on the waist and back, spiritual spa customized for the elderly, moderate strength, Stretch your body and relax your body and mind.

This massage chair zero gravity has 10 sets of classic massage procedures, a fusion of various massage techniques, and targeted combined massage on different parts of the body, neck, back, legs, and feet. The master-level massage technique is more delicate and relaxed, bringing you a comfortable experience like a private masseur.

Technical introduction of This massage chair zero gravity
1. Thai-style lacing technology: The application of Thai-style lacing in the massage chair is a good combination of traditional massage technology and technology. The body can be stretched in an arc through leg machine stretching, shoulder clamping, and waist ejection. Stretch the muscles and bones to the greatest extent, so as to achieve the purpose of stretching the muscles and bones, dredging collaterals, and promoting blood circulation.

2. Space curved track technology: The guide rail is the pillar of the massage chair. As the latest generation of guide rail technology, the space curved track has two kinds of SL guide rail and double L guide rail. The space-curved track technology has an ultra-long massage stroke, which can cover the neck, shoulders, and shoulders of the human body. The full massage of the back, waist, hips, and thighs avoids the limitation of traditional massage chairs that can only massage the back.

3. Zero-gravity space capsule technology: the distribution and quantity of airbags are the decisive factors for massage comfort. The zero-gravity space capsule technology scientifically allocates massage airbags in each section of the massage chair based on ergonomic principles, and the airbags cover the whole body in all directions.

The airbag retracts and generates air pressure pulses to comfortably massage the shoulders, neck, waist, back, hips, legs, and feet. Simultaneously simulate the zero-gravity state of the universe, make the height of the legs higher than the height of the torso, and the angle between the torso and the legs is 127° so that the weight of the massager’s whole body is evenly distributed, so that the body is in a natural and comfortable state, and the body and mind are released. pressure.

4. Foot roller scraping technology: The foot rollers of the massage chair are staggered back and forth, with 8 bumps acupressure, the massage range covers the sole of the foot, and the airbag squeezing massage can achieve a 360° full-wrapped roller scraping massage on the foot to avoid metabolic waste.

And toxins further deteriorate the peripheral circulation to form a vicious circle, increase the blood flow rate in the feet, enhance the blood circulation throughout the body, and accelerate the excretion of metabolic waste from the body through the kidneys and other organs.

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