Recliner Massage Chair 868

Recliner Massage Chair, item code: 868
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Recliner Massage Chair Manufacturer: FUJIREJA

Recliner Massage Chair Manufacturer FUJIREJA 3
Recliner Massage Chair, item code: 868 specification

AI 3D Human Hand Massage Mechanism
SL shape super long massage guide
Smart large touchscreen control
King-size massage chair
Air pressure massage for shoulder, arm, hip, calf, and foot.
One-button Slide forwards to save space
Unique Thai stretching function
Zero gravity function
Five massage ways: kneading, tapping, kneading& tapping, shiatsu, Knocking
Automagical preprograms: relax, active, leisure, refresh, sleep, energy
Auto roller function in feet, 3 rows roller in the foot massager
Extendable footrest
Heating Therapy in the backrest
Music function, built-in Bluetooth HiFi speakers
Wall Hugging, Revolutionizing Zero Space Technology
Perfectly body curve design, more comfortable.
Quick access side-keyboard
AI Voice Control
Piano paint

Power: 150watt
100-240v, 50/60hz

The electric massage recliner chair mainly performs massage by simulating human hands, and the most critical factor that affects the massage effect is movement. This Recliner Massage Chair uses a 3D manipulator, and the experience is much better than barcode scanners in many shopping malls.

Really free your hands? This massage recliner chair can be controlled by voice: Recliner Massage Chair experience

In terms of rails, this massage recliner chair uses SL rails, which are currently mainly used in high-end massage chairs. It can cover the main acupoints on the back and provide a more comprehensive massage.

Full body massage airbags, taking into account the shoulders, lower back, hands, and both sides of the thighs, legs, and feet.

It can realize intelligent voice control. In today’s highly developed Internet of Things, intelligent voice control functions can bring effects beyond expectations.

In use, voice control, function selection, etc. can be carried out through intelligent voice, without hands, all we have to do is enjoy the massage quietly, the whole process is like a manual massage in a massage shop.

Yes, it’s a lot happier to use a voice control than a remote control for protest!

In addition to voice control, the Recliner Massage Chair also sets a convenient and quick automatic mode for users. This massage chair has a variety of automatic mode massage methods built in to choose according to their needs. Such as stretching massage, fatigue recovery, soreness improvement, and so on.

The massage technique has built-in 6 massage techniques: kneading, tapping, tapping, acupressure, kneading and tapping synchronization, and kneading. Everyone can always find a suitable massage technique.

The massage intensity and airbag intensity are provided with multi-level adjustments, which can be adjusted freely:

If I want to massage a certain part of the body alone, this massage chair can also be easily achieved. In the massage range selection, you can choose full, partial, and fixed-point massage.

Whether you want a full-body SPA or to relax your tired shoulders, it can easily meet your needs. There is a warm compress function on the waist. This function is also very useful in winter and can also reduce the possibility of colds.

What is worth mentioning is the extended calf massage function of this massage chair. The conventional massage chair can only massage the leg below the knee, while the Recliner Massage Chair can massage the knee.

Foot massage is also one of the features of this product. The Recliner Chair provides 3 rows of roller scraping function + bump acupressure massage, combined with the heel pinch massage so that your soles can also be truly relaxed.

The popular zero-gravity design can also be experienced on this massage chair. This massage chair has two levels of zero gravity, and the experience of lying down will obviously be more relaxing than sitting.

To sum up:
1. Combined with intelligent voice control, it is much more comfortable than using the remote control and keypad, and it is closer to the real personal experience of the store. All instructions can be completed with your eyes closed, no need to start and open your eyes to open the remote control, which greatly improves the experience.

2. Voice control is more convenient for the elderly.

3. With A variety of massage techniques, it is easy to find the most suitable way.

4. The zero gravity design can completely relax the body.

If you plan to invest in your own health, or you want to relax conveniently after getting off work, then the Recliner Massage Chair is a good choice.

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