Massage Recliner Chair 921

Massage Recliner Chair 921
High-end Recliner Massage Chairs Manufacturer


Massage Recliner Chair 921 Manufacturer: FUJIREJA
3D Massage Chair 921 2
Massage Recliner Chair 921 SPECIFICATION

SL track, 2D/3D smart recliner chair with massage and heat
Bluetooth music,
large touch screen manual control,
side panel ABS injection molding,
electric massage recliner chair massage technique: foot roller massage, shiatsu, kneading, tapping, tapping, beating,
kneading hammer, kneading, and other back hips
manipulator walking massage and airbag squeeze massage,
massage intensity adjustment,
waist heating

Beautiful leg side panel ABS injection auto-retracting,
Thai-style lacing,
AI voice control
One-key forward,
Handrail setting fast central control,
Body type testing

Rated voltage: 220V
Rated power: 150W
Carton size: 150*113*85cm
Net weight: 75KG Gross weight: 83KG
Host: 135*109*67cm
Handrail: 168*73*49cm
Net weight: 25KG
Gross weight: 32KG

The zero-gravity massage chair is designed by combining the principle of zero-gravity and air pressure massage technology, combining the scientific engineering design of human body massage and zero-gravity technology to make people natural and avoid the discomfort caused by the earth.

The perfect design of the best massage recliner chair, full-body stretching, and pelvic twisting makes you perfect both physically and mentally. Feel relaxed and enjoy.

The whole body is completely relaxed in an instant, to experience a variety of wide video shooting and image massage, to relieve stress, release and release the best Thai loosening effect, and help the body do the whole body exercise while the massage procedure is right Massage the whole body to achieve the magical effect of relaxing meridians.