Factory Direct Massage Chairs 922

Factory Direct Massage Chairs 922
LCD Touch screen
Luxury Appearance: Gloss+Piano Spray Paint,
LED light, Laser Carving Logo


Factory Direct Massage Chairs 922 Manufacturer
factory direct massage chairluxury massage chairLUXURY MASSAGE CHAIR


SL track, 2D/3D smart movement,
Bluetooth music,
large touch screen manual control, side panel ABS injection molding,
massage technique: foot roller massage, shiatsu, kneading, tapping, tapping, beating, kneading hammer, kneading, and other back hips
manipulator walking massage and airbag squeeze
massage, massage intensity adjustment, waist heating

Beautiful leg side panel ABS injection auto-retracting, Thai-style lacing,
AI voice control
One-key forward,
Handrail setting fast central control,
Body type testing

Rated voltage: 220V
Rated power: 150W
Carton size: 141*130.5*87
Net weight: 115KG
Gross weight: 135KG
Loading: 42sets/1×40’H

What is a factory-direct massage chair with flexible massage technology?

Flexible fit body massage technique. On the flexible guide rail, it is equipped with two 4D flexible multi-angle massage cores, combined with a two-way telescopic calf, with more massage angles, longer massage strokes, larger stretching angles, and better stretching effects, which truly realizes “Thai-style stretching” “. The core product force of a massage chair is to release pressure, deeply relax, and relax every cell.

The massage ball of the Factory Direct massage chairs should not only massage the surface muscles of the human body, but also allow the massage strength to penetrate deep into the deep fascia where the soreness is located, and strive to eliminate muscle soreness with a more comfortable massage method.

Through experiments, a 4D two-way deep fascia massage mechanism with massage strength that can penetrate into the deep fascia of muscles has been developed. By realizing the two-way movement of the upper and lower massage balls of the movement, a multi-dimensional massage experience of the human body is realized. The two-stage Hall technology enables the massage chair to count more, respond faster, and control more accurately.

Combined with the PULSE body shape detection method, the experience is more accurate, the signal capture is sharper, and the algorithm is more intelligent; with the two-way retractable patented calf, it is equipped with a new generation of AI voice control large screen, combined with the new intelligent central control system, and the effect of the whole body massager is better.

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