Massage Chairs Zero Gravity 825A

Massage Chair Zero Gravity 825A
Professional Massage Chairs Zero Gravity Manufacturer


Massage Chair Zero Gravity Manufacturer: FUJIMREJA
professional portable massage chair zero gravity

professional portable massage chair zero gravity 2
Massage Chairs Zero Gravity, item code:825A specification

1. Zero gravity, 2D movement;
2. Space-saving technology, 2cm distance from the wall,
3. Super long 130cm SL guide rail, 4.Two pushrods, electronic extension foot, max 15cm extension; 5. Shortcut key, Bluetooth;
6. Airbag massage for the whole body
7. Roller scraping massage on foot;
8. TFT 7-inch touchscreen controller;
9. Waist graphene heating
10. 10 sets of auto massage modes, such as man mode, lady mode, relax mode, sleep mode, etc.
11. Wireless charge
12. Delicate stoving varnish Piano Painting

This Massage Chair Zero Gravity, luxurious multifunctional massage chair, artificial human massage, fully automatic space capsule, supports 2D or 3D multi-dimensional deep massage, C-shaped artificial hand massage, 10 Thai massage techniques, fixed-point + regional massage, etc., 3 levels Zero gravity in space, with 55° waist heat compress, built-in Samsung smart chip, flexible and smooth technique.

Intelligent reminder to check, enjoy a personalized massage, 130cm lengthened curved track, to achieve a close-fitting massage from head to leg.


  • Moderate intensity
  • Knead the airbag forcefully
  • Multiple mode selection

If people are tired, sit on the Massage Chair Zero Gravity and listen to music to relax your nerves. This is the rest of science. Don’t underestimate the efficacy of a massage chair. For people who sit for a long time to work and study, massage can improve blood circulation, improve backaches and prevent illnesses. It can also improve sleep quality, improve posture and exercise a healthy body.

Professional portable massage chair, specially set up 10 sets of automatic timing massage programs such as shoulder, neck, waist and back, vitality, etc., which can be quickly cycled by one button. Long hours of work and playing games, sitting for a long time and less moving, are prone to body aches. Start the massage program to help restore the body’s vitality.

The leather of the professional portable massage chair is very important. The excellent leather of the body directly affects the comfort of the massage chair. This massage chair chooses high-grade PU leather on leather, which is skin-friendly and wear-resistant, and has good durability. Without turning on the professional portable massage chair, you will feel relaxed when you lie on it. Occasionally, if you reach out and touch the interior of the massage chair, you can instantly feel the extremely soft leather, which is very comfortable to the touch.

On both sides of the headrest are the HIFI audiophile Bluetooth speakers that come with the massage chair. You can play your favorite music by connecting your mobile phone to Bluetooth speakers. While enjoying a comfortable massage, you can also enjoy high-quality music, which is really a great tool for relaxation.

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