Best Massage Chair 651

Best Massage Chair, Item Code: 651
Professional OEM ODM massage chairs manufacturer in China


Best Massage Chair Manufacturer: FUJIREJA

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Best Massage Chair, Item Code: 651 Specification

1. SL shape super long massage track, 128CM
2.10 sets of auto massage programs, Refreshing, Sleeping mode, Recovery, etc.
3. Full-body airbags massage
4. Unique Thai stretch massage
5. Foot rolling scraping massage
6. Space-saving technology, 5cm against the wall
7.Footrest extension, max 18cm
8. Zero gravity function
9. Back heating therapy
10. Bluetooth music
11. TFT HD color display hand controller

Rated Voltage: 110-240V 50-60hz
Material: PU Leather
Rated Power: 200W
Quantity of Big Air Bags: 32pcs

Carton Size: 130 *76 *112cm
G.W./ N. W.: 99 kgs/ 84 kgs
Packing Mode: 1pc/carton

How to choose the Best Massage Chair, mainly from three aspects:

1. Mechanism:
As the core of the massage chair, the Mechanism directly determines the massage effect of a massage chair. Nowadays, massage chairs on the market usually choose 2D or 3D movement. In the massage method, it can achieve three-dimensional massage up and down, left and right, and front and back. 2DMechanism is more suitable for the elderly and women who don’t like vigorous massage, so if you buy the most A good home massage chair should choose an economical 2D massage chair. At present, most of the 4DMechanism massage chairs on the retail market are actually 2D massage chairs, because 4D Mechanism is very expensive, 2-3 times the price of ordinary 2D massage chairs.

2. Track
The early massage chairs were all straight rails, which is the so-called S type. Generally, the massage stroke was very short and could not directly fit the back curve of the human body. Later, the rails of the massage chair evolved into an SL type, although it could fit better. The back curve extends to the buttocks and thighs; in FUJIREJA’s S+L-shaped design, the stroke is directly extended to the thighs (some styles), and it can be directly massaged to various parts of the buttocks and thighs.

3. Technology configuration
The AI ​​intelligent massage robot has the functions of memory and fatigue tracking technology. It can log in to personal accounts with AI face recognition. It can detect the health and fatigue of the body before the massage, and customize the massage technique according to the real-time condition of the body. And there are intelligent voice control and other functions to further enhance the massage experience.

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