Human Touch Massage Chair 828

Human Touch Massage Chair, item code:828
AI 3D Human Hand Massage Mechanism
Professional High-end Massage Chair Manufacturer: FUJIREJA


Human Touch Massage Chair Manufacturer

Human Touch Massage Chair Manufacturer

Human Touch Massage Chair 828 2

Human Touch Massage Chair, item code:828 Specification

AI 3D Human Hand Massage Mechanism
SL shape super long massage guide
Smart large touchscreen control
King-size massage chair
Air pressure massage for shoulder, arm, hip, calf, and foot.
One-button Slide forwards to save space
Unique Thai stretching function
Zero gravity function
Five massage ways: kneading, tapping, kneading& tapping, shiatsu, Knocking
Automagical preprograms: relax, active, leisure, refresh, sleep, energy
Auto roller function in feet, 3 rows roller in the foot massager
Extendable footrest
Heating Therapy in the backrest
Music function, built-in Bluetooth HiFi speakers
Wall Hugging, Revolutionizing Zero Space Technology
Perfectly body curve design, more comfortable.
Quick access side-keyboard
AI Voice Control
Piano paint

Power: 150watt
100-240v, 50/60hz

Newly upgraded massage chair, newly developed, touch screen remote control. The remote control is simpler, the massage is more intuitive, and you can choose your preferred message freely.

Independently developed the manual massage movement and the sole roller to touch the shoulders, neck, waist, buttocks, and soles of the feet, with rich techniques to relieve soreness and fatigue. Full body airbag massage.

The human touch massage chair has a variety of built-in massage methods, the strength adjustment is also self-adjusting, and the massage part can be programmed to make the massage more comfortable and in place.

The human touch massage chair technology is super powerful, but the operation is pursuing to simplify the complex. The large-screen touchscreen strives to make it easy for everyone to use.
Such as
[Kneading and relaxation program] [Kneading and relieving fatigue program] [Deep Shiatsu program]
[Full body stretching program] [Airbag massage program] [Quick massage program]

The double 3D foot massage gives the soles of the feet complete relaxation. The special deep massage of the buttocks helps to clear the blood and relieve tension and pain.

For the pursuit of quality of life and taste, The human touch massage chair may be a very wise choice. The ingenuity and worry-free after-sales service of the stupid enterprise must be the best ideal life solution for busy white-collar workers.

The massage office chair has a rich foot massage because there are many meridians of the foot, one touch is still very important for health. Long-term persistence will also be beneficial to the body. You can read a book and play at home at any time, which is much more convenient than going for a massage.

The massager for the back of the chair is locally heated, which promotes blood pressure circulation and relaxes the nerves. Just like bathing in hot springs will relax our bodies, and the hot compress function will also make everyone’s body less tight. In actual use, the hot compress function is very impressive.

The massage office chair is specially designed for sedentary people. It uses deep finger pressure to deeply massage the muscle layer of the back to promote blood circulation and relieve muscle stiffness. Office workers who sit still in front of the computer for a long time are particularly suitable for this program. Pressing a button every day will make your back feel much more comfortable and your body stretched. When people sit on a massage chair and enjoy the relaxation of their whole body, it is as if someone is beating their backs and rubbing their shoulders.

A good massage office chair is designed according to the principles of ergonomics. Smart movement, SL-type ultra-long hyperbolic guide rail, automatic body shape detection, etc. are mostly used. The massage of various parts of the body is very good and comfortable, and it can achieve a good massage effect.

The human touch massage chair, has 6 classic massage techniques, kneading, tapping, acupressure, tapping, 3D acupressure, kneading and tapping, restoring professional-grade massage techniques, and bringing a comfortable experience without losing the massage shop. In addition to various techniques, its massage procedures are also excellent. Combined with ergonomic principles, life scenes, and professional characteristics, a total of multiple sets of extensible massage programs have been set up, each of which is particularly practical.

The massager for the back of the chair is easy to operate. It not only has a hand controller but also has a convenient button on the armrest, so the elderly can quickly use it.

In addition, it also stimulates the principle of zero gravity, which can adjust the angle of the backrest with one key, and adjust the leg to the body at 126°±7°, so that the body’s weight is evenly distributed on the massage chair, reducing the pressure on the spine and various joints.

Fujireja is the main human touch massage chair manufacturer.

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