Portable Massage Chair 838

Portable Massage Chair,item code:838
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Portable Massage Chair Manufacturer: FUJIREJA
portable massage chair manufacturer
Portable Massage Chair, item code:838

AI 3D Human Hand Massage Mechanism
SL shape super long massage guide
Smart large touchscreen control
King-size massage chair
Air pressure massage for shoulder, arm, hip, calf, and foot.
One-button Slide forwards to save space
Unique Thai stretching function
Zero gravity function
Five massage ways: kneading, tapping, kneading& tapping, shiatsu, Knocking
Automagical preprograms: relax, active, leisure, refresh, sleep, energy
Auto roller function in feet, 3 rows roller in the foot massager
Extendable footrest
Heating Therapy in the backrest
Music function, built-in Bluetooth HiFi speakers
Wall Hugging, Revolutionizing Zero Space Technology
Perfectly body curve design, more comfortable.
Quick access side-keyboard
AI Voice Control
Piano paint

Power: 150watt
100-240v, 50/60hz

Packing (main chair): 1450x630x8500mm
(armchair): 1590x650x300mm
G.W/N.W: 115/101kg
Loading: 55units/1×40’HQ

With the acceleration of the pace of life and the increasing pressure of competition, overtime, staying up late, and lack of exercise have become the norm for office workers. Many people have various sub-health problems, such as shoulder and neck soreness, backache and back pain, and easy fatigue. Wait. If you can get a targeted massage every day when you return home, you can soothe your nerves and relieve the fatigue of the day.

This home-use multifunctional full-body shiatsu massage chair has 15 innovative functions, making massage more precise and full-featured. Wenzhou Medical University recommends home health massage chairs, which are certified by the European Union CE medical equipment, which can effectively relieve muscle fatigue, interfere with sub-health, and improve sleep quality.

Patented dual intelligent body shape detection, which automatically recognizes the body shape and the position of the shoulder and neck, so that the human body and the massage chair are completely fit, and you can enjoy a personal customized, and comfortable massage. The 3D multi-dimensional intelligent movement can perform multi-directional deep massage on the body, the massage hands can walk multi-dimensionally, and a variety of techniques can be combined freely, giving you master-class massage enjoyment.

The whole body is wrapped by a flexible airbag and three-dimensionally pressed, so that fatigue is swept away. The 135cm super long SL guide rail covers a large area from head to leg comfortably, reducing blind spots in massage, as comprehensive as a professional masseur. The movement adopts a 55° bionic massage silicone head with hardness equivalent to that of human skin, soft and resilient, and pays more attention to the comfort experience during the massage.

This portable massage chair has 8 sets of automatic massage programs, which are set for different body parts and different groups of people. It integrates 5 Thai massage techniques to specifically massage the rigid muscle areas and easily cope with the different fatigue of the family. 3 sets of high-strength motors, simulating massage masters to massage various parts of the body, deeply move joints and stiff muscles, and quickly relieve the tightness and soreness of the whole body.

Multi-dimensional adjustable massage settings, adjustable massage strength, speed, etc., customize your massage chair. Thai-style foot scraping magnetic therapy, scientifically divided, more precise massage acupoints. Innovatively adding magnet physiotherapy to dredge the sole meridian, promote circulation, and effectively relieve foot muscle soreness. In the 2-speed space capsule zero-gravity mode, the body is evenly stressed, reducing the pressure on the spine and joints, and the shiatsu massage chair gives you full-body stretch and relaxation.

The intelligent voice system can directly give voice commands during the massage process, which is simple to operate and has free hands, saving time and effort. The dual surround Bluetooth speakers allow you to relax your tight brain and stiff muscles in the music; feel a soothing and gentle massage experience. The massage chair is equipped with a convenient USB socket and a special mobile phone slot, which can charge the mobile phone while massaging.

This portable massage chair has a built-in carbon fiber heating device, 40-50° low back warmth, and cold and health preservation, especially suitable for women with heavy humidity, middle-aged and elderly people, and reduces the impact of cold and humid on the human body from the outside to the inside.

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