Infinity Massage Chair 920

Infinity Massage Chair, item code: 920
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Infinity Massage Chair Manufacturer: FUJIREJA
Infinity Massage Chair 920
Infinity Massage Chair,920 Specification

1. Zero gravity, 3D mechanism;
2. Space-saving technology, 2cm distance from the wall;
3. Super long 130cm SL guide rail;
4. Two pushrods, electronic extension foot, max 15cm extension; 5. Shortcut key, Bluetooth;
6. Airbag massage for the whole body
7. Roller scraping massage on foot;
8. TFT 7-inch touchscreen controller;
9. Waist graphene heating
10. 10 sets of auto massage modes, such as man mode, lady mode, relax mode, sleep mode, etc. 11. High-end PU leather

110V/220V 50/60hz
Power: 180w
Product size:1520*800*1240mm
Packing size:1460*850*1280mm

The actual 3D massage chair and the illusory Infinity 4D Massage Chair

Is there a 4-dimensional world now? No

Therefore, the so-called 4D Massage Chair is basically based on 3D movement, which is closer to the massage effect of the hand. There is no clear standard for the 4D movement in the industry.

From a three-dimensional perspective, 1D means walking up and down, 2D means walking up and down, left and right, and 3D means walking up and down, left and right, and back and forth. The 3D should be the top.

Researched a new movement, not only up and down, front and back, left and right, but also up left, upright, upfront, up and back, down left, downright, down the front, down back, or according to people’s somatosensory The size of the massage ball can be adjusted 360 degrees. In order to distinguish it from an ordinary 3D Massage Chair, it is called a 4D Massage Chair. Another notable feature is that the massage ball can be heated.

Other massage chairs are heated by installing a heating device on the cushion. This is similar to a masseur. I warm my hands and give you a massage, the effect is better.

In order to make it easy for consumers to accept, some companies will explain the temperature change of the massage ball in 4D. 3D is equivalent to three directions in three dimensions. 4D means that in addition to changes in direction, it can also change in temperature. It’s not just that simple.

As for 8D Massage Chair, it is basically the wrong way to say something with the massage mode.

Consumers just ignore it when they see that 8D is not rigorous.

If there is a brand that advertises that the massage chair’s massage movement is 4D, it must be a marketing gimmick. Currently, the best is the 3D Massage Chair, but 3D is also divided into real 3D and fake 3D. The fake 3D is stretched by the spring on the vertical back to form a vertical pushing force, which is different from the weight and the pressure of the backrest.

In true 3D, the back is pushed by the cylinder, and the thrust is the same regardless of the weight and the pressure of the backrest. The experience will not vary from person to person, and the experience will be better.

Many people write about 4D massage movements, but they are actually 3D massage movements. The 3D movement is further divided into airbag 3D and gear 3D.

Airbag 3D Massage Chair

As the name suggests, the movement is lifted up by the airbag to achieve contact with the human body. The airbag is a gradual inflating process.

When massaging, you will feel a soft and rigid yin force (similar to Tai feeling), which can press deeper muscles.

Because the shape of the airbag is irregular, if the inflation is not uniform, the strength will be unstable, which will test the production skills of the merchants. Generally, European, American, and Japanese brands have more mature valve technology and relatively stable technology.

The gear 3D Massage Chair

adjustment height is not flexible, and the CM is adjusted as much as possible. The advantage is that the intensity is relatively large, the massage points are more accurate, and it is closer to real massage. Usually, the message is more powerful, you can choose; the disadvantage is that the cost is expensive, and the strength is really strong!!

Conclusion: There is no 4D movement, no 8D movement, it is not serious.

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