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What is the difference between zero gravity and zero pressure sleep?

The difference between zero gravity and zero pressure

Today I would like to share some popular science with you. What is the difference between [zero gravity] and [zero pressure] sleep, which are often mentioned in the media?

First of all, these two concepts are borrowed from the scene of astronauts sleeping in a floating environment in space.

As we all know, astronauts in space not only have no gravity from the earth, but also no gravity from other planets. In other words, the gravity around them is very weak, and they are in a state of equilibrium or floating. In this state, there is no need to turn over when sleeping. It should be Most comfortable.

From the perspective of borrowing concepts, [Zero Gravity] and [Zero Pressure] have something in common.

The space environment is truly zero gravity or zero pressure.

However, [zero gravity] and [zero pressure] are two different concepts, and the context of application by domestic merchants is also obviously different. [Zero gravity] mainly refers to the state without the gravity of the earth. In fact, when sleeping on earth, gravity exists objectively. The so-called “zero gravity” mode is just imitating the common posture of space astronauts, because in this posture, the tension of the body’s muscles and ligaments is relatively small. So how can you maintain this posture? One way is the multi-pillow application model in hotel rooms.

The hotel bed comes standard with 4 pillows. Do you know what they are for?

Place it under the knee joint to avoid straightening of the lower limbs, which is more comfortable

Overlap two pillows and lean on them to watch TV, read a book or look at a computer or mobile phone. Since the pillow is supporting your back, you will feel relaxed and not tired.

In addition to using pillows for support, with the emergence of electric beds, the [zero gravity] function has begun to be frequently mentioned. Because the back and legs can be raised, the bed has a certain curvature, and people will also curve accordingly when lying on the bed, making them feel relaxed and comfortable.

[Zero Gravity] Mode of Electric Bed

What should be emphasized here is that in the [zero gravity] position, the human body is more relaxed and comfortable when lying on its back, which can promote blood return to the lower limbs. But that doesn’t mean you can sleep like this all night. On the contrary, during normal sleep or after sensing that the person is asleep, the bed should be placed flat, so as to facilitate the recovery of the physiological curvature of the human spine. Otherwise, if the electric bed is set in [zero gravity] mode all night, the spine will bend in the opposite direction when lying on your back. This will not only be detrimental to the recovery of spinal curvature for a long time, but may also cause spinal strain. When lying on your side on such a curved bed, not only is there no comfort at all, but it can also cause scoliosis, leading to spinal damage.

After talking about zero gravity, let’s talk about what [zero pressure] is all about.

The so-called “zero pressure” currently refers to the use of good mattresses such as slow rebound memory foam, latex, or segmented soft and hardness designs, so that the human body is evenly supported when lying on the mattress. The pressure on all parts that come into contact with the mattress is almost equal, just like in space.

Good mattress materials can adapt to the curves of the human body, cushion the gravity of different parts of the body, provide even support, and assist sleep.

By controlling the inflation and deflation of the air bags built into the mattress, the softness and support of the mattress can be actively adjusted, making the mattress closer to “zero pressure”. This is what people today often call [adaptive mattress].

What are the advantages of zero gravity massage chair? Why is it more comfortable than an ordinary massage chair?

The zero-gravity massage chair is also called a space capsule massage chair. Its principle is to simulate the weightless state of space. The human body can feel comfortable, relaxed and relaxed in the weightless state.

According to the physiological structure characteristics of the human body, the zero-gravity massage chair cleverly disperses the stress points of the human body, so that the body weight borne by each stress point is greatly reduced. Coupled with the soft and comfortable feeling of the massage chair, people feel like they are floating. When you get up, there is no pressure from the body’s gravity.

Massaging in this state feels so comfortable and relaxing that ordinary massage chairs cannot achieve.

Although ordinary massage chairs are similar to zero-gravity massage chairs in terms of massage techniques, they cannot create a state of weightlessness, so during the massage process, the comfort is not as good as that of zero-gravity massage chairs.

The purchase of zero-gravity massage chairs is very particular. Poor quality or inadequate design will not create the effect of weightlessness. The design of a qualified zero-gravity massage chair complies with Newton’s second law ΣF=mα, W=mg, and is ergonomic, allowing the human body to tilt at the optimal angle and balance the force on the whole body.

The body and legs are at about 127 degrees, so that the gravity is evenly distributed on the massage chair. The human body is in a state of mass and weightlessness. The heart and knees in the upper part of the body are at the same level, which reduces the work pressure of the heart and promotes circulation of blood.

It can be seen that [zero gravity] and [zero pressure] are two different concepts, representing two different functions, different products, and different usage scenarios.

The former focuses on relaxation before going to bed and the comfort of lying in bed watching TV and playing with mobile phones, while the latter is a real sleep aid.

Traditional mattresses or electric beds have made great progress in achieving “zero gravity” or “zero pressure”, but they are also approaching the limits of optimization.

Now adaptive mattresses or electric beds with FSB intelligent control have temporarily emerged and may become the mainstream of the new generation of mattresses in the future.

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