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How effective a head massager is?

I want to buy a head massager, but I don’t know how effective it is. Can anyone tell me?

The effect after buying a head massager is pretty good.

The main functions of the head massager are as follows:

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·Relieve fatigue

For most office workers, they often face work pressure. After working overtime for a long time, they will feel a headache or a confused mind. This is actually caused by excessive exhaustion of the body or brain. With a head massager, it can achieve a very good effect in releasing stress and fatigue. Occasionally put on the head massager and massage for about 10 minutes during the lunch break. The fatigue will be relieved a lot, and the muscles on the scalp will also Complete relaxation.

·Concentrate your thoughts

After a head massage, you will have a very obvious feeling, that is, the entire head feels very light, and your thoughts are clearer. The main reason is that during head massage, the Yangbai point will be kneaded and pressed, which can improve people’s concentration. This is why it is recommended that you use your own hands to massage your head after working or studying for a long time. Of course, it would be even more convenient with a smart head massager.

·Relax your body

Air pressure massage will massage the head in a more comfortable and acceptable way. You must know that the brain of the head determines the state of the entire person. The massage device can help users better relieve stress and relax the body.

First, let’s briefly introduce the main massage methods of head massagers and the key points for purchasing them.

Main massage methods

Everyone should know that the muscles in the head are actually much more sensitive than the muscles in any part of the body, so the scalp will be more fragile in comparison. You should not use too much force to stimulate the head, otherwise it will have the opposite effect. The massage methods of head massagers on the market mainly use vibration and air pressure to assist massage to relieve scalp fatigue.

In addition, many head massagers on the market have also undergone some functional upgrades, such as infrared function, which can relieve the head’s temperature faster and fully relax. During this process, the blood flow in the head will accelerate, which is the main method of head massage.

Key points for purchasing


It mainly focuses on the tightness of the head massager. Each user’s head circumference is different, which requires the massager to be able to freely adjust the tightness. If the massager used is too small, it will greatly affect the massage experience. It is recommended that before purchasing a head massager, you should know its specific circumference in advance to ensure the comfort of the massage.

·Massage range

According to the design of the massager itself, many head massagers target massage positions in different primary and secondary directions. Some massagers will expand the massage range to the entire head, but some massages will mainly focus on the top of the head. Everyone You can choose as needed.

·Timing function

This function reflects the user-friendliness of the designer. After all, it is easy to fall asleep due to excessive comfort when massaging the head. If the massager is designed with a timer function, it can automatically stop within the specified massage time, so there is no need to worry about the massage. The problem of taking too long and missing time.

·Auxiliary functions

Whether a head massager is easy to use depends on whether it has innovative auxiliary functions, such as connecting to mobile phone Bluetooth, adding music background, etc., which can enhance the massage experience.

An innovative wearable head massager that can easily relieve your fatigue.

The left and right U-shaped airbags cover the forehead and the area above the ears, soothing the nervous eyes and forehead, and the intensity is always just right; the two massage modes (stress relief mode + brain awakening mode) can meet the different massage experiences of different users. Restart Brain vitality.

The wireless charging design allows you to use this head massager without the need for a power cord, and the massage does not affect study, housework, etc. It can be used continuously for several hours on a single charge. In addition, its head circumference can be freely adjusted, and the design can be adjusted to any size to meet the needs of the whole family.

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