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Can eye vibration massager eliminate eye wrinkles?

Eye vibration massager

People often work overtime at work and stay up late at night. Modern people’s eyes are always overloaded. Once eye problems such as edema, dark circles, fine lines, and crow’s feet appear, people will appear “old”, especially women who love beauty.

Many people want to eliminate eye wrinkles through massage, but can the vibrating eye massager eliminate eye wrinkles?

The formation of fine lines around the eyes

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Fine lines around the eyes are caused by excessive activity of the eye expressive muscles, dry skin, lack of water, etc. The skin around the eyes has poor sweat gland capacity, and water easily evaporates. In addition, if the expression muscles are overactive in daily life, such as squinting frequently, the eye muscles will be overactive and fine lines will occur.

Vibrating massager cannot eliminate eye wrinkles

Vibrating eye massagers generally only have the effect of diluting wrinkles, but cannot completely remove them. However, the massage device on the acupoints around the eyes can help the eye cream penetrate and absorb and reduce eye wrinkles.

Although it cannot remove eye wrinkles, for urbanites who use their eyes too much, the eye vibration massager can promote blood circulation around the eyes, relieve dry eyes, relax eye muscles, and awaken the vitality of the eyes.

Take the common eye vibration massager on the market as an example. It has 3 massage modes. It uses hot compresses and soft massage to relax the entire eye area and relieve tension and discomfort. It presses point-to-point acupoints around the eyes without pressing the eyeballs to improve the elasticity of the muscles around the eyes. Soothe tendons and activate blood circulation, the specific functions are as follows:

1. 10 silicone stroking heads, which feel like fingertips and gently touch the eye acupuncture points to relieve fatigue and soreness;

2. Constant-temperature hot compress, which continuously maintains a temperature sensation of 43-46°C, warms the pupils, brightens the eyes, and relieves eye fatigue;

3. Bluetooth connection, playing music, allowing you to relax and massage while listening to music;

4. Press the eye cream 10 minutes before going to bed every night to allow the eye cream to be better absorbed.

The above is an introduction to whether the eye vibration massager can eliminate eye wrinkles. If you want to reduce eye wrinkles, you should pay more attention to moisturizing your skin to avoid excessive loss of collagen; drink more water, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, and supplement Get an appropriate amount of vitamins and trace elements, maintain adequate sleep, exercise appropriately, and enhance the body’s immunity.

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