Voice Control Full Body Massage Chair 858

Full Body Massage Chair, item code:858
High-end Full Body Chairs Massage Manufacturer: FUJIREJA


Voice control full body massage chair manufacturer: FUJIREJA

voice control full body massage chair manufacturer

voice control full body massage chair manufacturer

voice control full body massage chair manufacturer
Voice Control Full Body Massage Chair, item code:858 specification

AI Human Hand Massage Mechanism
SL shape super long massage guide
Smart large touchscreen control
King-size massage chair
Air pressure massage for shoulder, arm, hip, calf, and foot.
One-button Slide forwards to save space
Unique Thai stretching function
Zero gravity function
Five massage ways: kneading, tapping, kneading& tapping, shiatsu, Knocking
Automagical preprograms: relax, active, leisure, refresh, sleep, energy
Auto roller function in feet, 3 rows roller in the foot massager
Extendable footrest
Heating Therapy in the backrest
Music function, built-in Bluetooth HiFi speakers
Wall Hugging, Revolutionizing Zero Space Technology
Perfectly body curve design, more comfortable.
Quick access side-keyboard
AI Voice Control
Piano paint

Power: 150watt
100-240v, 50/60hz

Packing (main chair): 1450x630x8500mm
(armchair): 1590x650x300mm
Loading: 42units/1×40’HQ

This Voice control full body chair has a simple design, stylish style, and a full plastic shell. It looks elegant. It is a style that many people like. Moreover, there are blue, black, and other colors to choose from.

Really like this piano painting massage chair, the intelligent voice control function of the cutting-edge technology of the times, and it has a full sense of technology.

Not only young people like it, but the elderly at home should also be much easier to use.

Now there are more and more smart home products, but the elderly at home are not very skilled in using them, but the massage chair that can be directly controlled by voice is much easier for the elderly to operate.

With this intimate full-body massage chair, turning the massage chair on and off is just one sentence, so you don’t need to sit down and get up again.

In addition, we can also use this AI intelligent voice wizard to adjust the massage intensity, and even initiate partial massage of the back and legs. It is really smart and convenient.

Waist soreness is a common problem of contemporary people, so in order to fundamentally relieve the fatigue and soreness of the waist muscles, this smart AI massage chair directly uses a large heating piece, which can completely cover both sides of the spine during massage work. Location.

It can use far-infrared radiant heat to penetrate deep into the muscles of the human body to activate body cells and promote blood circulation in the waist. Together with the full-body airbag wrap of the massage chair during a massage, the cycle presses with one charge and one release and finally lets The tired body is completely relaxed.

NASA space zero gravity experience
This smart AI voice-control massage chair can simulate the zero gravity of the space capsule, with an elevation angle of 120 degrees. By adjusting the tilt angle of the massage chair, the feet are raised to be level with the heart, the center of gravity is placed on the hips, and the pressure on the spine and joints is reduced.

This posture has also been scientifically proven to reduce the burden on the heart, and at the same time, the human body will be in a completely relaxed state, which can effectively improve the massage effect and fully relieve fatigue.

In summary, this intelligent AI massage chair not only supports intelligent voice control but also allows us to directly control the massage chair through voice. Whether you want to adjust the height of the massage chair or change the massage position, it is a matter of one sentence! This stylish and intelligent new generation of massage chairs can not only bring professional massage enjoyment but also theater-level surround sound effects. Are you excited?

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