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Why the voice chip massage chair to realize the voice control function?

The voice chip massage chair

voice massage chair

Most massage chairs on the market require users to operate through various controlled keyboards, remote controls, or buttons.

This brings difficulties in use and operation to users with poor health conditions such as poor eyesight and limb mobility, and also affects the user experience of some other users.

Traditional massage chairs only have manual adjustment functions, generally do not have artificial intelligence interaction functions, and cannot meet consumers’ strong demand for smart home products.

Therefore, to meet market demand, many massage chair manufacturers have developed and produced voice-controlled massage chairs that can interact with artificial intelligence.

So why can you control a massage chair with your voice?

The massage chair can realize artificial intelligence interaction because of the built-in voice recognition chip (voice module).

Voice recognition chips are also called voice recognition ICs. Compared with traditional voice chips, the biggest feature of voice recognition chips is the ability to recognize voices. It allows machines to understand human voices and perform various actions according to commands. It can also be divided into online and offline speech recognition chips.

Using the NRK3301 speech recognition chip, you can complete almost all functions with just a few simple sentences, which is full of a sense of technology!

The RK3301 speech recognition chip adopts the latest neural network (TDNN) algorithm, which has the advantages of accurate recognition, low false positive rate, etc., reliable recognition in the 5-meter far field,

It also adopts a voice noise reduction algorithm: it filters out steady-state noise, has a good suppression effect on dynamic noise, and can also be accurately identified under noise; such as massage chair switch, control air pressure, massage techniques, leg massage, etc., No remote control or button operation is required, just issue a voice command, it will respond quickly within 0.2 seconds, and the recognition rate is as high as 95%.

The voice solution of the voice recognition chip in the massage chair (voice content can be customized):

1. FUJI FUJI – I am here
2. 15S automatically exits and wakes up – if nothing happens, I will rest first
3. Turn on the massage chair—the massage chair has been turned on!
4. Turn off the massage chair – the massage chair is turned off!
5. Open the airbag – the airbag has been opened!
6. Close the airbag—the airbag is closed!
7. Mode of Shujing Huoluo — Good master, the mode of Shujing Huoluo has been switched!
8. Fatigue repair mode – good master, the fatigue repair mode has been switched!
9. Kneading massage mode – good master, the kneading massage mode has been switched!
10. Turn on the heating – the heating is on!
11. Turn off the heat – the heat is off!

When a person is lying on the massage chair, it can be operated directly through voice calls, and the steps of the massage chair can be controlled without pressing the remote control randomly.

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