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Massaging the soles of the feet can beautify the 6 major points for attention in foot massage

Attention to foot massage

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Today, the new assertion that foot massage can beautify the skin has also been confirmed. Expert research has found that the fundamental difference between pedicure beautification and cosmetic beautification, surgical beautification, and other methods lies in the fundamental difference, which is incomparable to any simple beautification technique at present.

Reasons why massaging the soles of the feet can beautify the skin

The soles of the feet are concentrated on the meridians and acupoints related to all organs of the body. Properly stimulating the soles of the feet can stimulate the adrenal glands, prompting the adrenal glands to secrete more hormones, thereby stimulating the vitality of skin cells, accelerating their metabolism, reducing pigmentation, and making the skin fair and tender. And flexible.

From this point of view, women who love beauty should join the ranks of foot baths. This will not only provide comprehensive care for the feet that have been squeezed by high heels but also make their appearance more and more beautiful. Why not do it?

6 points for attention in foot massage

1. Before the massage, you need to prepare a towel or bath towel, a small bottle of Vaseline oil, and a massage stick. Cut nails short before massage to avoid scratching the patient’s skin. When massaging, apply a small amount of Vaseline oil to the selected area to lubricate the skin and prevent abrasions.

2. At the end of each massage, try to make the patient feel thirsty. After the massage, let the patient drink about 500ml of warm water to detoxify.

3. During the massage, the patient should first wash his feet with hot water, and then lie on his back on the bed with a relaxed body and a stable mood, and his lower limbs should be straightened.

4. If there are boils, trauma, or abscess on the foot, the affected area should be avoided when massaging. Massage can be done on the same part of the other foot or the corresponding part of the hand on the same side.

5. After receiving a foot massage for a long time, it is a common phenomenon that the feet are insensitive to pain. At this time, soak your feet in water for half an hour, the pain sensitivity will be enhanced, and the therapeutic effect will be significantly improved.

6. Some patients may experience chills, low-grade fever, fatigue, diarrhea, and other general discomfort symptoms after massage therapy, or aggravate the original symptoms. This is a normal reaction after massage. You can continue to treat for several days. Symptoms disappeared naturally in the future.

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