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The magical effect of eye care massager to relieve eye fatigue!

The magical effect of eye care massager

Most of the high-risk groups of myopia are students, especially with the development of smartphones, Children nowadays are using their eyes no matter during the day or at night, resulting in more and more students bringing myopia Glasses. As for the so-called eye care massagers on the market, many consumers think that eye care devices can reduce the degree of myopia, but this is actually a misunderstanding. The eye care massager cannot reduce the degree of glasses. In addition to the eye care device, there are several ways to relieve it.

Relieve eye fatigue:

More and more people are called 996. They stare at the screen for more than 12 hours a day, and their eyes are particularly tired. If they stare for a long time, their eyes will become astringent, and sometimes they will even be painful. In severe cases, serious eye diseases will be induced.

Commonly used methods are: overlooking, eye drops, steam eye mask, towel hot compress, eye exercises


airbag pressure eye massager 505

It is better to rest your eyes for a while than to do a hundred things of protection, such as looking into the distance, especially the green buildings or forests and trees, and turning your eyes to maintain the strength of the eye muscles, but now many office buildings are blocked, besides They don’t necessarily all sit by the window, so overlooking sometimes becomes a luxury.

Eye drops:

Eye drops contain a certain amount of preservatives for long-term preservation. Long-term unrestrained use will have a cumulative effect and cause damage to the cornea. Of course, artificial tears can also be considered.

Steam eye mask:

There is iron powder in the eye mask that undergoes an oxidation reaction when it encounters oxygen. Everyone who has studied chemistry knows that the oxidation reaction will generate heat, and the eye mask contains another material, activated carbon. The water in the activated carbon is evaporated when it is heated and then liquefied when it is cold. To feel warm, the Kao Steam Eye Mask is the mainstream on the market. The short-term use cost is low, and the long-term is slightly expensive.

Hot towels:

This is also a very good way to protect the eyes. The 42-degree constant temperature hot compress can help accelerate blood and lymph circulation around the eyes, promote metabolism, and help to eliminate dark circles (this method is used in multi-person sports) Control dark circles?!). When resting, if you can use a basin of hot water and soak it in a towel, it will be very comfortable just after applying it, but there is also a problem, the temperature is difficult to control, and overheating is not good for the eyes, and the temperature will drop after a long time, and the best results cannot be achieved; and can you really be sure that your towels and hot water must be hygienic?

Eye exercises:

It is very good for relieving visual fatigue, but incorrect massage will be counterproductive. Just ask: Can you really find the acupuncture points for eye exercises?

If the answer is no, then leave the technical work of massage to the eye protector/eye massager. Although the eye protector/eye massager will also have facial fit problems, if you can choose the right size, the mode Appropriate eye protector/eye massager can greatly reduce the risks caused by incorrect massage methods.

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