Shiatsu Massage Chair 868A

Shiatsu Massage Chair, item code:868A
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Shiatsu Massage Chair Manufacturer

Best-Shiatsu-Massage-Chair-ManufacturerShiatsu Massage Chair, item code:868A specification

AI 3D Human Hand Massage Mechanism
SL shape super long massage guide
Smart large touchscreen control
King-size massage chair
Air pressure massage for shoulder, arm, hip, calf, and foot.
One-button Slide forwards to save space
Unique Thai stretching function
Zero gravity function
Five massage ways: kneading, tapping, kneading& tapping, shiatsu, Knocking
Automagical preprograms: relax, active, leisure, refresh, sleep, energy
Auto roller function in feet, 3 rows roller in the foot massager
Extendable footrest
Heating Therapy in the backrest
Music function, built-in Bluetooth HiFi speakers
Wall Hugging, Revolutionizing Zero Space Technology
Perfectly body curve design, more comfortable.
Quick access side-keyboard
AI Voice Control
Piano paint

Power: 150watt
100-240v, 50/60hz

Regarding the best Shiatsu Massage Chair, we must first understand that massage uses massage techniques such as kneading, acupressure, and beating on acupuncture points or patient positions to squeeze or stretch the muscles under the skin to dredge the meridians and promote the circulation of qi and blood. , To achieve the purpose of relaxing the body, improving physical and mental comfort and resistance.

For people who sit for work and study for a long time, massage can promote blood circulation, improve backaches and prevent illnesses. It can also improve sleep quality and relieve general fatigue. Therefore, it is necessary to choose when choosing a massage chair. Through the program, the massage chair controls the movement to make a variety of different massage techniques.

When buying the best massage chair, it is better to cover as many people as possible. It is the first choice for everyone at home. There are different procedures for different requirements of different groups of people, which will greatly improve happiness at home.

Shiatsu Massage Chairs look like a very stylish home type, and it fits the user’s physical condition very well in actual use. Its massage modes are very rich, which can completely relax the body to meet the needs of users, and the intensity can also be adjusted. Lying on the massage chair, I feel: too comfortable!

The Shiatsu Massage Chair airbag is the icing on the cake. Through inflation and deflation, the airbag achieves an increase and decrease in volume, thus reflecting the pressing effect. And the distribution of airbags is very reasonable. The position is appropriate, and the size is designed according to the characteristics of the muscle group, which is intimate and comfortable.

Shiatsu Massage Chair has a richer angle adjustment, which allows users to have a better experience.

Shiatsu Massage Chair has a full range of telescopic functions so that the massage chair can be used by people of different heights. The leg extension function embodies self-adaptation, is also more user-friendly, and the price is very reasonable.

The function of zero gravity is also very important because zero gravity can relax the mind and body to the maximum. Moreover, this zero-gravity function can choose the right gear according to the user’s habits, which is very intimate.

This best massage chair also has a leg and foot massage. The three-stage roller scraping allows you to have a foot massage while experiencing the massage chair. The ultimate experience of going up and down will definitely make you unable to stop. It can achieve a full range of massage so that the legs can effectively relieve muscle fatigue.

Because the bones of the elderly are relatively loose, the performance requirements of the massage chair selected for the elderly are higher than those of the young, especially the strength adjustment must be good. The airbags can be slightly more, and it is best to have a hot compress system. Because the physical vitality of old people is not like that of young people, they are easy to feel cold in winter and catch a cold easily.

Combinations of massage + heating. When you massage the waist, you can heat the waist at a constant temperature. You can not only experience the feeling of relaxation but also drive away from the cold and keep in good health. If you don’t want to heat up, you can turn off the heating function, Completely relax the body and mind.

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