Eye Massager

Eye Massager

FUJIREJA is the main Eye Massager manufacturer in China.

The appearance design and functional design of the Eye Massager are mainly from Japan and Hong Kong.

Eye massagers have some improvements in eye function, can effectively promote the function of blood circulation in the part of the eye, and promote the function of local repair.

Eye massager is ergonomically designed and can be worn by different groups of people. The front of the massager can be bent, and the massager can be folded at different angles, which is convenient for adjusting the size of the wearing head. And it increases the wrapping property of the massager and the face around the eyes.

Increase the area and effect of massage contact. And it’s also easy to carry when going out.

There are three main aspects of eye massage.

  • The first is the airbag, which massages the eyeballs. This function is very comfortable. The eyes are really relaxed after the massage.
  • The second function is vibration.
  • The third function is hot compress, the highest temperature is 45 degrees.

FUJIREJA is a specialty eye massager manufacturer and supplier of products that foster personal health and well-being. Established in 2003, it offers an assortment of high-quality massagers and health products that are both innovative and functional, including electric massagers, and eye massagers.

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