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What are the functions of massage chairs? Are massage chairs harmful?

The functions of massage chairs

1. What are the functions of the massage chair?

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1. Back massage:

The massage robot arm massages the entire back by simulating the massage techniques of professional masseurs such as kneading, swinging, and finger pressure. Ligaments, allow you to relax in a comfortable back massage.

2. Massage with kneading techniques:

The unique kneading mechanism of the massage chair can imitate the kneading styles of a professional masseur, apply traction, extrusion, kneading, and other massages to the sore and numb muscles of the back, and gently stimulate the muscles, and Kneading and massaging the critical parts with different strengths can restore the elasticity of muscle fibers and accelerate blood circulation.

3. Rocking massage function:

The massage chair can adjust the front, back, left, and right positions of the spine through natural and easy rocking massage, moving each spine and ligaments, correcting the spine, stimulating sympathetic nerves, activating cells, and promoting blood circulation.

2. Are massage chairs dangerous?

Massage chairs are electrical products and have certain electromagnetic waves, so if pregnant women use massage chairs, they need to pay attention, because it may cause miscarriage or even fetal malformation; massage chairs are not suitable for tumor patients, which will aggravate the condition of the tumor; It is also not suitable for alcoholics and those who are overly tired; there are also people with heart disease and high blood pressure who are not suitable for using massage chairs. Using massage chairs will speed up the blood circulation in the body and worsen the condition; patients with osteoporosis cannot use massage chairs.

It can be seen that the massage chair has various functions. For example, the massage chair can adjust the front, back, left, and right positions of the spine through natural and easy rocking massage, move each spine and ligaments, correct the spine, stimulate sympathetic nerves, activate cells, and promote blood circulation. People can choose appropriately according to their functions and personal needs.

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