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What does zero gravity mean in a massage chair?

I always hear zero gravity and zero gravity in the massage chair, what does it mean?

The zero-gravity function of the massage chair means that the massage chair can put the body in a state similar to weightlessness in space, making the body feel relaxed and relaxed so that you can enjoy massage and relaxation better. In zero gravity, the human body is not affected by the force of gravity, and the weight is distributed, which reduces the pressure on the joints and muscles.

Specifically, the zero-gravity state is achieved through mechanical devices in the massage chair. The massage chair is equipped with a device that can lift the feet. When the body is placed on this device, the body will be fully supported, as if floating in the air.

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At the same time, the massage chair will also adjust the angle of the seat and reclining chair to make the center of gravity of the body more balanced and eliminate the influence of gravity on the body. This pose puts the spine in tip-top shape, reduces stress on the spine and cervical spine, and also helps relax the muscles.

In zero gravity, the human heart and circulatory system can work more easily because the weight and pressure on the body are relieved. Additionally, this pose promotes deep breathing and oxygen intake, which increases energy and relaxation.

In short, the zero-gravity function of the massage chair is a function that allows the body to be fully relaxed and comfortable, and at the same time can improve the massage effect. This function can help relieve stress and fatigue in the body and promote physical and mental health.

In addition to providing comfort and relaxation, the zero-gravity function has other benefits. Here are some possible benefits:

Relieve Back and Neck Stress: A zero-gravity state can reduce back and neck stress, reducing the risk of pain and stiffness. This is especially beneficial for those who need to sit in the office or drive a vehicle for a long time.

Improves blood circulation: Zero gravity can improve blood circulation, which is very helpful in preventing cardiovascular disease, edema and other circulatory problems.

Improved Breathing: Zero gravity can improve breathing, reduce fatigue and pain. This is especially beneficial for those with breathing problems.

Relaxes Muscles: The zero-gravity state relaxes muscles, reducing muscle pain and stiffness. This is especially beneficial for those who work under high pressure for a long time or perform physical labor for a long time.

In short, the zero-gravity function of the massage chair can provide comprehensive physical relaxation and improve physical health effects, which can help people reduce stress and fatigue, and improve physical comfort and health. However, before using a massage chair, it is recommended to consult a doctor to ensure safety and effectiveness.


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