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The electromagnetic radiation from massage chairs, is it harmful to the human body?

The electromagnetic radiation from massage chairs

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First, let’s understand what electromagnetic radiation is, which is electromagnetic waves!

The impact of electromagnetic waves on the human body is related to the frequency (wavelength) and power of the electromagnetic waves.

Microwave ovens are a type of electromagnetic waves. You don’t have to worry. Most household appliances do not produce electromagnetic waves that are harmful to the human body, and their power is also low. big.

If you buy it for your parents, try to choose a massage chair that is simple and easy to use. Remember to go back often, pick up some eggs and meat, and cook a meal for your parents when you go back. Let them wait for you to cook while you massage. After the meal is finished, Go for a walk with your parents, and your parents will be very happy.

People’s awareness of health care is gradually strengthening, and the continuous advancement of science and technology has also allowed people to enjoy its benefits.

The health care functions of massage chairs are gradually becoming known to people, but massage chairs are also general electrical appliances, and electrical appliances will have certain radiation, but massage The radiation from the chair is just ordinary electromagnetic radiation and will not have much impact on the human body.

Besides, electrical appliances all have electromagnetic radiation and radiation, but ordinary electromagnetic radiation will not cause damage to heat sources. So far, no evidence has been found that ordinary electromagnetic radiation affects the human body.

Because massage chairs have a certain amount of electromagnetic waves, some people are alarmist, saying that using massage chairs by pregnant women will cause miscarriage, baby deformities and other adverse consequences.

Shopping guide experts said that currently, electromagnetic waves have not been found to cause miscarriages in the world, but in order to prevent Pregnant women should also be careful when contacting electromagnetic waves and other related products.

First of all, regular massage chair manufacturers must pass corresponding electromagnetic testing, and must pass international and national testing standards certification, such as China’s 3C certification, so electric massage chairs can generally be used with confidence.

Secondly, the accessories, designs and raw materials used by regular massage chair manufacturers are reliable, so the electromagnetic radiation of massage chairs is almost negligible. People nowadays are surrounded by mobile phones, computers, TVs and other electronic products every day, whether it is No electronic product contains less electromagnetic radiation than a massage chair. Will this massage chair have a great impact on the radiation of the human body?

To sum up, you can rest assured when using a massage chair.

FUJIREJA is committed to developing an electric massage chair that is green and environmentally friendly and has no radiation at all, bringing new life to the massage chair and being welcomed by the consumer market.

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