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Can cancer patients use massagers?

Will massage cause the tumor to spread and metastasize?

Massagers help relax the body and mind. In anti-tumor treatment, massage will also be used as an auxiliary method to relieve cancer symptoms and adverse reactions to treatment. However, many cancer patients and their families have this question: Will massage break the tumor and cause it to spread? Massage promotes blood circulation, but will it promote cancer cell metastasis?

Today we will discuss whether cancer patients can use massagers, and what situations are unsuitable for massage.

Triangle Massage Cushion

What are the functions of massage for cancer patients?

1. Improve adverse reactions caused by treatment

When patients experience adverse reactions such as nausea, pain, and fatigue after surgery, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy, they can be relieved through massage therapy. Although these adverse reactions are not directly life-threatening, they are closely related to the patient’s quality of life and often accompany the patient for a long time. Although massage cannot replace conventional drug treatment, it can be used as an auxiliary means to improve symptoms, and it is also relatively safe.

2. Prevent muscle atrophy

Patients who have just undergone surgery need a period of bed rest. At this time, appropriate massage can be done on the limbs, muscles, joints, and other cancer-free parts. This can promote blood circulation, help muscles relax, prevent muscle atrophy and joint ankylosis, and is more beneficial to the body. Rehabilitation.

3. Relieve anxiety and stress

Studies have found that massage therapy can reduce anxiety and stress in cancer patients and help to relax and soothe their emotions. Emotion is an important factor affecting patient recovery. A good attitude can promote physical recovery and reduce the risk of tumor recurrence to a certain extent.

Under what circumstances should cancer patients not receive massages?

In most cases, massage is safe for cancer patients, but like any therapy, massage therapy has certain risks and contraindications. The following are situations when massage is not suitable:

1. Patients with special tumor locations

The growth location of some tumors is relatively shallow and can be felt on the body’s surface. Such tumors may rupture and bleed under the action of massage, causing cancer cells to spread and metastasize, such as skin melanoma, lymphoma, giant liver cancer, etc.

2. Patients with bone metastasis

Tumors that metastasize to bones can destroy the bone, making it brittle and more susceptible to fractures. As you can imagine, massage can increase a patient’s risk of fractures or fractures, so it’s best not to do so.

3. Patients with damaged or chapped skin

Tumor treatment may cause adverse reactions such as rash, dryness, breakage, and chapping. Massage is not recommended at this time, because massage will aggravate skin damage, cause pain, and increase the risk of infection.

4. Patients with known thrombosis

Deep vein thrombosis is more common in cancer patients. Suppose a cancer patient is diagnosed with a blood clot. In that case, massage may cause the blood clot to fall off and enter the blood circulation, which can easily cause blood vessel blockage and lead to serious diseases such as cerebral infarction and myocardial infarction.

Triangle Massage Cushion

5. Patients with low platelet count

Patients with low platelet counts are more likely to bruise. If the patient has a low platelet count, massage can increase the incidence of bruising, leading to bruising and bleeding.

Therefore, it is recommended that patients communicate with the doctor about relevant precautions before massaging. If family members massage the patient alone, they should learn the massage techniques first and not press blindly to avoid adverse events.

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