cervical spine massager

Uncover the working principle of cervical spine massager, do you know?

Uncover the working principle of cervical spine massager

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The massage mode of the vertebral massager
Market trend

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The massage mode of the vertebral massager

Generally divided into two forms: physical massager and pulse current massager.

Physical massage

As the name implies, it uses the technique of imitating manual massage through a machine, simulating the experience of a human masseuse, and performing physical operations on the area that needs to be massaged. With the advancement of science and technology, this physical massager on the market has many functions, such as tapping, pressing, hot compressing, massage, grasping, pulling, etc.

Pulse current massage

Another pulse current massager: it is the mainstream on the market at present, using a very small current to stimulate the muscles, so as to achieve the effect of massage and soothing. Because only the size and frequency of the current need to be controlled by the chip, there is no traditional motor, so the current pulse massager is much smaller in volume than the physical kneading massager, and the weight is also very light, which is incredibly convenient to carry. It can meet the needs of various scenarios.

The current pulse massager naturally does not have the feeling of physical massage when it is used. After it is turned on, there will be a tingling feeling, and the stimulation of micro-current will relax the muscles.

Market trend

At present, the electric pulse technology on the market is divided into three types: TENS pulse current, EMS pulse current, and EMS+TENS combination.


The principle is to transmit signals to the muscles through micro-current stimulation, so that the muscles passively contract, promote blood circulation, eliminate fatigue, help the body recover, and prevent muscle atrophy.


The principle is to stimulate the epidermal nerve through the electric current, relieve pain, relax the muscles, and avoid further muscle damage caused by prolonged tension.

TENS+ENS technology

The mid-to-high-end products will also combine TENS+ENS technology, using the different characteristics of these two pulses to connect, to stimulate the massage area from the epidermis to the muscles, not only on the surface but also from the outside to the inside. Get a more comprehensive and comfortable massage experience.

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