Neck Massager with Heat C7

Neck Massager C7 2-6 pins, Low-frequency pulse
Low-frequency impulse electrotherapy-EMS/TENS 、ARM Chip, Intelligent wear detection
Wearing Massager, portable massager equipment factory


Neck Massager with Heat Manufacturer: FUJIREJA
neck massager with heat 3neck massager with heatneck massager with heat 7neck massager with heat

Neck Massager with Heat, Low-frequency pulse neck massager C7
Low-frequency impulse electrotherapy-EMS/TENS 、ARM Chip, Intelligent wear detection

Constant heating:42°C heating, like a hot towel on the neck,
deep relaxation of the cervical spine
Heating Neck Massager

Multi-intensity switch: 12 levels of pulse intensity can be adjusted at will, suitable for different cervical problems, and can meet the needs of different groups of people;
Multi 5 modes: Simulated shiatsu, Simulated kneading, Simulated tapping, Simulated Knocking, Simulated Shiatsu

With intelligent low-frequency pulse conduction, the machine can automatically shut down when not recognizing the human skin for 30 seconds.

Heating Neck Massager
B Model: 4 pins
1-4 head pulse massage
2-care for neck & shoulder
3-TENS pulse technology
4-Relieve cervical pain
5-Deep relaxation of muscles
6-Multifunctional magnetic wave therapy
7-Recharge design
8-5 massage modes
9-12 strength adjustment
10-hot compress

C Model: 6 pins
1-6 head pulse massage
2-18 strength adjustment
3-TENS pulse technology
4-Multifunctional magnetic wave therapy
5-Deep relaxation of muscles
6-6 massage modes
7-Simulated acupuncture massage
8-hot compress
9-Easy to carry
10-Relieve cervical pain
11-Recharge design

Packing: 40pcs/ctn