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Is electronic pulse massager safe and reliable for middle-aged and elderly people?

Electronic pulse massager

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1. The principle of electronic cervical spine massager on the market
2. Is electronic pulse massage safe and reliable for middle-aged and elderly?

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At present, because everyone works for a long time, staring at their mobile phone or computer, there are more or fewer problems with the cervical spine, and they all choose a massager to relax the cervical spine. So what is the principle of the massager and is it safe?

1. The principle of electronic cervical spine massager on the market

The electronic massager stimulates specific parts through electric pulses, thereby affecting the movement of muscle nerves, achieving the effect of relaxing muscles and relieving fatigue similar to physical massage.

2. Is electronic pulse massage safe and reliable for middle-aged and elderly?

The answer is: Electromagnetic pulses are safe and reliable for most middle-aged and elderly people, but they should be used with caution in conditions such as brain nerve damage (the massager has no therapeutic effect, its main function is massage, and so are electric pulses)

Look at the analysis below:

An electric pulse is a pulse generated by electrons, and a pulse is a process of changing the voltage once in a short time. The commonly used alternating current can be regarded as a kind of pulse current.

The pulses used for massage therapy are mostly intermediate-frequency pulses and low-frequency pulses.

Medium frequency pulse (1000~1000000Hz) is suitable for osteoarthritis and lumbar intervertebral disc herniation that is prone to occur in common cervical, knee, spine, hip, ankle, and other weight-bearing joints. It has the effects of pain relief, improvement of blood circulation, and anti-inflammation.
It is mostly used in hospitals and other places and has a good physical therapy effect.

Low-frequency pulses (below 1000Hz) have three functions: exciting neuromuscular tissue, promoting local blood circulation, and analgesia. According to the device technology that provides low-voltage pulses, it is divided into two types: TENS and EMS.

TENS: helps to stimulate sensory nerve endings, so that pain signals cannot reach the brain, and is mostly used to relieve chronic and acute pain;

EMS: stimulates muscle contraction by imitating the action current of the central nervous system, and is suitable for muscle relaxation, strengthening, and promoting blood circulation.

At present, the common low-pulse micro-current massagers on the market use TENS, EMS, or a combination of the two. Some manufacturers have done a good job in marketing.

Therefore, the conventional low-frequency pulses used by electronic massagers are almost harmless to the human body but can bring various benefits to the human body.

A high-intensity pulse current will cause damage to human tissue and the nervous system for a certain period of time, and the definition of this range varies from person to person. For middle-aged and elderly people, it is recommended to pay attention to controlling the continuous use time and intensity. There has to be a degree.

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