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How to choose an intelligent neck massager?

Intelligent neck massager: It basically uses pulse current (pulse technology such as TENS, EMS), and the generated current wave simulates massage techniques such as kneading, massage, and acupuncture, and plays a relaxing role.The popularity of smart devices has made more and more wearable devices intelligent. With the single demand of people, smart massage devices have also begun to spread slowly.

Office workers need to work at a desk for a long time, and shoulder and neck problems have also become a single occupational disease for many people.

Although there are many single physiotherapy services such as massage for the blind, the cost of one-time consumption is often high. If there is such a portable neck-mounted neck massager device, it can solve the problem of neck massage very well.

The advantages of this intelligent neck massager are very obvious, the size is very small, and it is very convenient to carry in daily life, but the disadvantages are also very obvious, that is, the electric pulse technology will have a certain tingling feeling, which many elders can not accept, suitable for young people use.

1) We mentioned before the electrode pads that the principle of the “pulse current” cervical spine massager is to directly contact the skin through the electrode pads with pulse function, stimulate muscle contraction, and imitate muscle movement, so as to achieve the effect of rehabilitation, then this “electrode pad” “It’s very important.

Grasp a principle, the bigger the electrode, the better, and the more the better. The larger the electrode pads, the more neck muscles the pulse can cover, and the better the massage experience and effect. In addition, most of the “pulse current” cervical spine massagers use electrode pads for heat therapy. The electrode pads are too small and there is no feeling at all.

2) The maximum temperature that the human skin can withstand is 50°C. If the temperature exceeds this temperature, there will be a risk of being scalded. It is recommended that you try to choose a large brand of cervical spine massager. After all, it is used in such a sensitive part of the cervical spine. Safety first.

At present, the mainstream method of smart neck massager is to use a heating film for heating, but there are also some products that use far-infrared methods for heating. There are benefits. It is recommended to maintain a constant temperature of 42 degrees on the line.

3) Wearing a smart neck massager for comfort is very important. If the electrode pads or massage head do not fit the neck at all, the massage experience and feeling will be greatly reduced.

4) A portable intelligent neck massager that can meet different usage scenarios and greatly reduce the possibility of being idle. In this regard, the pulse current neck massager has natural advantages, such as small size, easy portability, and strong battery life. There are also some products in physical massage that do well in this regard and can be rolled up and carried in a small bag.

5) Battery life
The battery life actually determines the portability of the product, and no one wants to charge it every day.

It is recommended that you don’t read some guides that support several days of battery life when purchasing. Everyone’s usage scenarios and usage times are different. How is this calculated? Or directly look at the marked battery size.

Therefore, it is recommended that when purchasing a smart neck massager, just choose the one that suits you, and don’t think that the expensive one must be good.

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