Barometric Air Wave Eye Massager E20

Can an eye massager remove eye bags?

An eye massager removes eye bags

Barometric Air Wave Eye Massager E20

I have a friend who stares at the computer every day at work. When he gets home at night, he picks up his mobile phone to play switch and ps4 games. Except for bedtime, my eyes are almost inseparable from various screens, and I often stay up late.

As a result, dry and tired eyes, red bloodshot eyes, and dark circles have recently begun to appear. In fact, this is quite dangerous, not to mention that eye discomfort can also affect nerves, cause headaches and affect sleep.

On the advice of a friend, my friend bought an eye massager and used it every day to get relief.

Today I will share with you the eye massager purchasing guide I summarized for my friends. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

Briefly explain the key points for purchasing

The first is the difference in massage methods

The eye massager mainly has two massage methods, one is air bag pressing and the other is point massage.

Personally, it is recommended to choose air bag massage for two reasons. One is that air bag massage has a larger coverage area, the alternate pressing method is more comfortable, and it puts less pressure on the eye area.

Touch massage is the opposite. The touch coverage is small, and the effect around the eyes is larger. The comfort level will be slightly worse, but it is undeniable that both have a soothing and relaxing effect.

One thing to note is that the eye massager only relieves eye fatigue. Like all small massage appliances, the eye massager cannot treat eye diseases, especially myopia.

Massage method selection: air bag massage > touch massage.

Lining material selection:In addition to the massage method, another key point of selection is the material of the lining. The better the skin-friendly and breathable material, the more comfortable it will be when using it.

There are four main lining materials: PU leather, flannel, protein leather and silicone.

PU leather: PU is actually polyurethane, which is the abbreviation of English ploy urethane. It is a kind of artificial leather. It feels softer than real leather, has better waterproof and grease-proof performance, and is easy to care for. The disadvantage is that it is prone to wrinkles after long-term use, leading to cracking and peeling in the later period.

Velvet cloth: Everyone should know the feeling of flannel cloth. It is very comfortable to touch, which is incomparable to other materials. However, its shortcomings are also obvious. It is easy to get dirty, and it can be cleaned by just rubbing like other materials.

Protein leather: It is a higher-grade artificial leather, generally used on high-end headphones. The advantage of protein leather is that it has better air permeability than PU leather, and its hardness is softer and its wear resistance is better.

Silicone: Silicone is more commonly used in point-touch eye massagers, because the points that touch are all vibrating massage heads. At this stage, the most satisfactory material is silicone.

When choosing an airbag model, it is recommended to choose protein leather first, then velvet material, and finally PU leather.

Hot compress function:

The hot compress function is almost standard. What we are talking about here is the function of hot compress. As I mentioned in the previous article, there are three treasures in our personal care industry: physical massage, pulse massage and hot compress.

It can be seen that the importance of hot compress in the field of personal care and massage home appliances, and the function of hot compress, yes, as you think, the function is to accelerate the metabolism and circulation of blood. It is so simple and direct, but it is so useful, which is why there are The reason why disposable steam eye masks are a substitute.

But as long as you have some common sense in life, you will know one thing, that is, the eyes like coolness rather than heat. Applying cold hands to the eyes will be very comfortable.

Moreover, the effect of hot compress on the eyes is better when combined with a cold compress of about 20°. The blood vessels will shrink, and the bloodshot conditions in the eyes will be significantly improved, and the comfort will be strong, and the overall effect will be better.

However, the technology of cold compress is more difficult to implement than hot compress. So far, there are only a few eye massagers with both hot and cold compress.

This is the end of the introduction to the three most important points. There are also some other small points, such as Bluetooth, visual windows, and music playback. They are all additional. It depends on your needs. A massage only lasts 10 minutes. , do nothing, just enjoy it.

Written by: Sandy from FUJIREJA Massage Chair Group
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