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Are eye massagers useful? 

Eye  Massagers  useful


Modern people face computer work for a long time and watch mobile phones and TV for a long time, which can easily cause spasmodic contraction of the muscles around the eyes, dryness and pain in the eyes, which is a manifestation of visual fatigue.

Eyestrain is a very common eye disease. The main symptoms are dry eyes, feeling of foreign bodies, heavy eyelids, blurred vision, fear of light, frequent tearing, eye swelling and pain, and eye congestion, etc.

So are the currently popular eye massagers useful?

The principle of eye massager

The eye massager is also called an eye protection device. Its principle is to massage around the eyes through vibration massage + hot compress to improve the blood microcirculation around the eyes and promote metabolism around the eyes.

Eye massagers can protect the eyes and prevent diseases, but they cannot treat myopia, hyperopia, eye diseases, etc. Let me introduce you to FUJIREJA’s best-selling eye massager.

The function of eye massager

1. Massage the eye acupoints with a device for 10-15 minutes each time

Which can promote local blood circulation, increase metabolism, discharge metabolic waste, effectively relieve visual fatigue and prevent dark circles.

The eye massager uses double-layer deepened air bags, which have a large force-bearing area and strong wrapping properties. It simulates human hands to massage acupoints, making the massage more accurate and more comfortable.

2. Through eye patches + acupoint massage

The transdermal effect of drugs can prevent eye diseases.

The eye massage uses dual-engine multi-frequency vibration, rhythmic kneading and pressure, to deeply relax eye fatigue.

Eight acupuncture points circulate double air bag massage to relieve fatigue, activate eye cells and tissues, increase oxygenation and unblock meridians.

3. Through massage, it promotes the absorption of water in the eyes

It has the effect of hydrating and nourishing the skin, and effectively prevents dry eye syndrome.

The infrared hot compress of the eye massager can help blood circulation around the eyes, reduce dark circles and eye bags, relieve stress, increase the temperature of the eyes, gently moisturize the eyes, and facilitate eye care.

To sum up, massage can improve the blood supply to the eyes, so eye massagers are still beneficial. It can be used every day, but it should be used appropriately and not to irritate the eyeballs too frequently.

There are many kinds of eye massagers on the market. Please choose an eye massager produced by a regular manufacturer.

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