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What is the difference between a home massage mattress and a massage chair?

Massage mattress application

With the improvement of living standards, people are more and more particular about the comfort of their bodies, and many people begin to use massage products to relax their bodies. Now in addition to the more common massage cushions on the market, there is also a very popular product, that is, home massage mattresses.

Regular use of it can achieve the effect of relieving fatigue and promoting blood circulation. In today’s fast-paced society, people want to have a massage to relax when they are busy. Many people buy a massage chair, but it is too bulky and can only be used in a fixed location, which is very inconvenient. The massage mattress is different, it is very convenient to carry.

And it can massage most parts of the body such as shoulders, neck, back, legs, etc. Not only do young people like it, but also very helpful to the elderly, it can be used anywhere in the home, on the bed, sofa, carpet, etc., massage At the same time, you can do anything, such as reading, office, watching dramas, etc. In short, you can only experience the benefits of the massage mattress when you use it.

When it comes to massage, we will think of another appliance – a massage chair.

The working principles of massage chairs and household massage matt are actually similar. They both use mechanical rolling force and mechanical force to massage the human body. Although the working principles of the two are similar, what are the advantages and disadvantages of massage chairs compared to massage pads?

The difference between  Massage Mattress and Massage Chair

  • Experience: Although the working principles of the two are similar, we must know that the internal structure of the massage chair is much more complicated than that of the massage cushion. The massage chairs on the market today are all designed in combination with ergonomics, and the massage techniques and strengths are much more delicate and precise than the massage pads.
  • In addition, the  home massage matt only has a single massage function, and now many massage chairs have added the functions of a hot compress, Thai stretch, and zero-gravity somatosensory. Therefore, from this, we can also see that the difference between the two is the disparity in their functional services.
  • Convenience: When it comes to convenience, it must be the best massage pad. The volume and weight of the massage cushion are less than 1/5 of that of the massage chair, so they can be easily carried. It can be used as long as it is placed on a chair and occupies a small area, so it is also favored by people with a small home area. The complex functions and internal mechanisms of the massage chair are also destined to be a large home appliance that occupies a large space.
  • Price: The price gap between massage chairs and massage cushions is also very different. On the market, the price of massage pads is basically half or less than that of massage pads.

Personal experience with massage mattresses

Every day after I get off work, I rely on the massage mattress to relax, to relieve the fatigue accumulated in the day after going to work. This method is very useful to me, especially for people who sit in front of the computer all day long, and I am a text worker, programmer, and so on.

This kind of massage mattress has an airbag that can be used for massage on the neck, that is, the headrest, and there are massage airbags in the back, thighs, and calves. The whole massage mattress is made of materials. It feels very high-quality to me, and the massage effect is also excellent, haha.

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