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Why is a zero gravity massage chair more comfortable?

Principle of zero gravity massage chair

The zero-gravity massage chair is also called a capsule massage chair. It mainly uses the principle of the NASA zero-gravity capsule seat to develop a massage chair that can simulate the zero-gravity state of astronauts in space.

According to the physiological structure of the human body, the zero gravity massage chair subtly disperses the force points of the human body, so that the body weight on each force point is greatly reduced, and the soft and comfortable feeling of the massage chair makes people feel like floating Get up, without the pressure of body gravity. Massage in such a state, the feeling is so comfortable, so relaxing, this kind of feeling cannot be achieved by ordinary massage chairs.

The principle of zero gravity

Zero gravity can also be said to be weightlessness. According to the famous Newton’s second law W=MG, an object has mass and does not show weight when it moves freely in the gravitational field. In this state, the pressure of the object on the support is less than its own gravity, thus showing the phenomenon of floating. Usually, outer space is in a gravity-free environment.

Use and experience

In the process of use, the body and legs of the massage chair user are adjusted to about 127 degrees, so that the body’s gravity is evenly dispersed on the entire capsule massage chair so that the body is in a more natural, comfortable, and relaxing position. This can effectively relieve the fatigue of the lower back and release the stress on the whole body.

At the same time, the knees and the heart are on the same horizontal line, so that the gravity is evenly distributed to the massage chair, the human body is in a state of mass and no weight, and the heart and the knees of the upper part of the body are on the same horizontal line, which can effectively reduce the heart’s stress. Stress, promote blood circulation.

Although ordinary massage chairs are similar to zero-gravity massage chairs in massage techniques, they cannot create a weightless state, so during the massage process, the comfort is not as good as that of zero-gravity massage chairs.

The making of zero gravity  chair

Its production is somewhat technically difficult, and the quality is not good or the design is not in place to create the effect of weightlessness. The design of a qualified zero gravity massage chair conforms to Newton’s second law ΣF=mα, W=mg, which is ergonomic, so that the human body can be inclined at the best angle and the whole body can be balanced. The body and the legs are about 127 degrees.

There are many brands and models of zero-gravity massage chairs on the market. When choosing, it is recommended to try it out in person, feel the effect of massage, and choose a massage chair with a suitable price and satisfactory effect.

Benefits of a Zero Gravity Massage Chairs

  • 1. Adjust the spine: When we stand, our spine carries 100% of our body weight; when we sit, our spine carries 125% of our body weight; even when we lie down, our spine also carries 25% of our body weight. Only in zero gravity the spine can be completely relaxed. Earth’s gravity tends to cause disc problems and can be effective in correcting minor disc dislocations.
  • 2. Relax back muscle pressure and reduce tension: The zero-gravity posture makes the spine feel more relaxed, the muscles of the whole body can be relaxed, and the intervertebral disc can be quickly reset to achieve the effect of eliminating pressure. Muscle relaxation promotes the secretion of lymph to flush out toxins from the body and deliver oxygen to stiff muscle tissue for quick pain relief.
  • 3. Reduce the pressure on the heart: Just like sitting on the sofa or bed when we are very tired and raising our legs, when the position of the feet is higher than the heart, it can reduce the pressure on the heart, accelerate blood circulation, improve blood oxygen, and promote the legs and feet. Blood returns to the heart to improve heart function, relieve fatigue and insufficient blood supply to the heart.
  • 4. Promote blood circulation and completely relax the body: When the heart pressure is extremely small and the oxygen supply is sufficient, the blood circulatory system can play its function more perfectly, and the blood with sufficient oxygen is transported to the head and various organs of the body.
  • 5. Increase the oxygen supply to the head: When the body is not subject to the gravity of the earth, the pressure on the spine is relieved and the oxygen supply of the blood to the head can be increased to improve headache, dizziness, insomnia, poor sleep quality, and improve memory.

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