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What is fascia and fascia gun?

What is fascia and fascia gun?

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Structure of fascia
What is a fascia gun and how it works
How to choose a fascia gun, what should you pay attention to?


If you are a fitness expert, the fascia gun should be your most desired massage artifact

Because simple stretching after fitness will not relieve muscle tension in time. If it is handled simply, the body will still suffer from backache after a day or two of exercise.

Many professional fitness coaches and students now use fascia guns to relax muscles after training

The fascia gun is also called the deep myofascial punching instrument because it looks like a gun, it is simply called a “fascia gun”

Generally speaking, there are two steps in eliminating muscle fatigue: one is to relax the muscles, which can be done by stretching, but it is not enough to relax the muscles. It is also necessary to relax the subsidiary structures of the muscles – the fascia.

Structure of fascia

Fascia refers to the connective tissue in the motor system and the tough outer membrane that wraps the organs. The fascia wraps the muscle fibers to provide a scaffolding function and provides a scaffolding structure for all other systems of the body such as the circulatory, nervous, and lymphatic systems. Therefore, the fascia is called Considered the “skeleton” of soft tissue.

The muscles are wrapped and restrained by the fascia. When the muscles contract for a long time, the fascia of the corresponding parts is also in a state of contraction. Because the muscles have good elasticity, they can be effectively recovered by stretching.

However, the elasticity of the fascia is poor, and it is easy to stick after high-intensity repetitive exercise, and it is easy to cause strain if it is not massaged to relax in a long-term stiff state.

The fascia gun can effectively replace manual massage, and the high-frequency vibration drives muscle tissue to rub against each other to achieve deep relaxation of muscles and fascia.

In fact, it is not only the body master, everyone will experience muscle fatigue in different parts, which is caused by living habits, occupations, and exercise methods. The fascia gun can be used by yourself to massage a certain muscle, which is also added to everyday practicality.

What is a fascia gun and how it works

Fascia gun, the full name is “muscle fascia relaxation massage gun“. It uses its internal special high-speed motor to drive the “gun head” to generate high-frequency vibrations, which act on the skin, fat, fascia, and muscles to reduce local tissue tension, relieve pain, and promote blood circulation.

The mechanism of action of fascia gun relaxation is similar to that of vibration training, both of which promote blood circulation and lymph flow through vibration, thereby accelerating the repair and regeneration of fatigued tissues. The high-frequency gun tip can fully release the adhesion and tension of the soft tissue in the target area, thereby reducing muscle tension, relaxing nerves, and relieving fatigue.

How to choose a fascia gun, what should you pay attention to?
First. Frequency

The frequency is the number of hits per minute, and the industry standard is 1800-3600rpm/min. Within a certain range, the higher the frequency, the greater the speed and depth of muscle resonance that can be driven, but if it exceeds the standard value, be careful, don’t overload it!


The torque here is the anti-blocking torque. A simple understanding is that one of the important parts of the motor if the anti-blocking torque quality is not good enough, it is easy to cause the fascia gun to freeze and jump on the muscles during massage. For example, if you want to massage your thighs, the motor does not run smoothly, causing the fascia gun to suddenly have a large reaction force and you cannot hold it stably, and it hits your kneecap suddenly “suddenly”. To a certain extent, the greater the anti-blocking torque, the more stable the fascia gun is during the massage.

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